Month: November 2013

Day 99 – Great Weigh in

So I stepped on the scale this morning and low and behold…


I’m down to 278.8 which is only 3.8 pounds away from the 100 pound mark again.

That’s really all I have to report today.  Cliff and I took a half day off and spent it relaxing for a change.  No errands.  No homework.  No class.  Just Modern Family and The Walking Dead and my husband.

Now it’s time to hit the hay early in an effort to get up at 5AM without killing anyone.

Today has just been an amazing day.  I promise for a more in depth post soon (if anything exciting ever happens again…)

“Who works achieves and who sows reaps.”
~ Arabian Proverb

Day 98 – Pink cheeks and fuzzy vision

Not a lot to report today.  Go to work, count calories, go to the gym, do homework…rinse and repeat.

Still getting used to my contacts.  They seem to make my eyes quite a bit more tired at the end of the day.  Taking them off is still like ripping off the top layer of my cornea  a little difficult, but I looked up a few tips and I’m hoping tonight will be a bit easier.

I’m also still having some random flare ups with my rosacea.  Last night and today it got so bad that my face felt like it was on fire.  I’m going to try leaving the the cream medication off for a bit and just use the antibiotic that the dermatologist prescribed me.

Battling weight loss, adult acne, and glasses can get super tiring…

I keep telling myself that I’ll be one of those people on an episode of Maury’s “They went from Nope to Dope!” (or insert any one of those random cheesy show titles – except for I’m “110% he’s the father.”)

I know that all the hard work will pay off, but sometimes the end result seems soooo far away.  I’m hoping for another big loss tomorrow so that I can perk my motivation back up.

For now, I’ll have to settle for mastering the ability to apply makeup to this new luscious skin and big green eyes that I didn’t have before…

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”  ~Babe Ruth

Day 96 – 5K and Omelettes

I walked 3 straight miles for the first time today.  Well, mostly 3 miles straight.  I did have to stop and use the restroom and we had two little stops with the dog.  That’s why our time is at 18+ mins but our splits are quite a bit lower (Did I say that sentence right?  I’m trying to learn more about running for later on).

Overall, I was just happy to be able to to do it regardless of the time.  I was hoping to finish in under an hour, even though I know that a 20 minute mile is just ridiculously slow to most people.  It was a little disheartening to see that it still takes me so long to walk a mile, but I would have never been able to have even finished 3 miles 5 months ago.

Now I have an idea of what lies ahead of me if I ever want to run a 5K.  

It isn’t pretty.

I have a pretty wicked blister and my back is far more sore than it is when I leave the gym.

I still plan on waiting until I’m down to 250 before I start trying to run at all.  However, I do think that I’m going to start walking 3 miles one day a week at the gym.

Walking the 3 miles was accomplishment #1.  I also fought the urge to order pizza for dinner and stuck with dinner at home.  I also didn’t snack all day (which is huge for me when I’m home all day with nothing to do but eat).  Instead of eating I threw myself into homework and did a few things around the house.

We had the absolute best lunch today!  It would probably be better for most people’s dinner, but I was looking to have a bigger lunch after the walk and a smaller dinner.  It’s actually another twist on something that my parents have done ever since I can remember.

We called the Mexican restaurant up the street and ordered chicken fajitas to go.  When we got home we chopped up the chicken and veggies and mixed them up with some eggs and turned them into fajita omelettes.  We had a bit of the salsa and some fat free sour cream on the side and it was just delicious.  I also splurged a bit and wrapped up some of it in one of the tortillas.  Yum!

It came in right around 600 calories (but I decided on 2 whole eggs and 2 whites and let Cliff use butter instead of spray, so it’s possible to cut them down more and still get awesome results).  It was definitely worth the extra lunch calories and I think it was instrumental in preventing me from mindlessly snacking throughout the day.

I’m not really sure that I’ll get in any activity tomorrow other than cleaning.  I have two big tests, a quiz, and a pretty decent program to write for school.   This normally means that I spend Sunday in my room trying not to fall asleep to the droning voice of my online class software.

Now it’s time for video games and then sleep.   I love the Fall part of Daylight Savings Time.  That extra hour of sleep will really come in handy tonight.  So will the ZzzQuil on my nightstand.

“Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives.”  ~Viktor E. Frankl