Month: September 2014



As you all know this month has been designated as “No Restaurant September.”

  • Even though I spent the day in Lexington this past Saturday.
  • And I graduate on September 20th.
  • And I’m going out of town for a mud run on the 26th.

We took all of these events into consideration and decided that we were going to stick to the challenge even though it was going to be a little…


My friend and I had lunch at Whole Foods on Saturday.  We’re cooking tacos for all the family and friends that are coming over for the graduation celebration.  We’re only going to be in Frankfort for one night for the Capitol City River Dash, so we can definitely bring something with us.

So it was all perfectly planned out and we were prepared to say adios to dining out for another month.

The operative word in that sentence is “was.”

Fast forward to last Friday when I was informed that I would be taking my first ever business trip.

To Philadelphia.

For three days.

At first, we opted to just try again next month, but after a bit of thought I decided that I wanted to go ahead and try to get through it without eating at a restaurant.  We already had to cancel the challenge last month when Cliff had to go to Dallas for a week, so I didn’t want to put it off anymore.

So…go big or go home?

I decided to reach out to my new friends over at the From Fat to Finish Line Facebook group for some suggestions on how to refrain from eating out while on my trip. I got some terrific feedback!

“Buy a slow cooker n throw food in it in the morning n it’ll be ready in the evening”

We always pack our breakfast when we go out of town. I usually make a couple loaves of banana bread. I also get bread and peanut butter and jelly for lunch. Put it in a shoe box, then your suitcase. The bread should not get smushed.”

1. Bring a few things. Make some homemade granola bars before you go and wrap individually for breakfast/snack. Could also pack protein bars and individual baddies of protein powder. 
2. Shop when you get there. Fruit basket, celery & bleu cheese, a 
bag of lettuce, tuna in h2o, unsweetened vanilla almond milk (for the protein powder) and remember the paper plates & forks. The hotel should have a fridge in the room or one you can use if you ask.”

**My favorite was the crockpot idea!  How have I never thought to do something like that while I’m traveling?  I won’t be using that specific suggestion this time around, but I definitely will be using it in the future.

Luckily, my hotel room does come with a microwave and a fridge and I am only half a mile from Whole Foods.  I’m going to take a few snacks to have on hand in case the flight gets delayed and then I’m going to hit up the market as soon as I get settled.  I’m going to take my awesome new Whole Foods tote so I can carry my lunch with me each day (it’s insulated, has a zip closure, and tons of room).  It’s the perfect bag to take since it will fold out flat in my carry-on.


This will definitely be a tricky challenge to pull off.  At first I was worried about how to approach the invites to business lunches/dinners.   In the end I decided to just be honest with them.

I hate to say “What’s the worst that could happen?” but…

What’s the worst that could happen?

I highly doubt that anyone is going to argue with, “My husband and I have lost over 400 pounds and we still have a long way to go.  On our journey, we try to challenge ourselves as much as possible, and I just happened to visit during one of our more difficult tests.  Please don’t be offended if I decline, it’s nothing personal.” 

Maybe it will even inspire someone there that’s struggling with weight loss or just wants to save money by not eating out as often.  Who knows?  Either way, I refuse to give up before I even try to get through it.  If something happens and I just have to go out to eat, then that’s ok, but I’m not going to quit the challenge before I even get there.

I’ll be sure to post updates as I go.

This also means that Weigh-In Wednesday will now become Weigh-In Friday and Travel Tip Tuesday will probably be less about hiking and more about how to get by without restaurant food in the city that’s home to one of your favorite foods.

Philly Cheesesteaks.


Spoiler alertI will make it by not venturing out of the hotel for anything other than groceries, work, and running.


Wednesday Weigh In

I’m pretty sure this is the first time that I have ever been elated about a gain.


I was positively thrilled to see 224 on the scale this morning.  As many of you know I had a pretty terrible week last week.  I saw as much as a 6 pound gain!  I just knew this morning was going to be terrible.  I worked really hard the last three days to try and correct my bad behavior and I was so happy to see that it worked out quite well in the end.  Only a one pound(ish) gain!  It does bum me out a little that I’m slightly over my goal weight for the week, but I feel confident that I can catch up this week. Especially since we decided to make it “No Restaurant September.”

It feels terrific to be back in the gym.  I hadn’t realized just how much I missed it until we went back yesterday.  There’s just something amazing about working out in the middle of the day.  It gives me that much needed energy boost that helps me beat the 2PM slump.  Plus, it’s awesome to get home at 4:30 and know that I have the rest of the night to do what I want homework.

Two random observations for the day:


I think it’s time to order a ring guard.  I really want to wait until I’m closer to goal before I get it sized.

2014-09-03 21.09.38_resized_1


It feels pointless to walk when I don’t have my FitBit.

Yes, I know that’s terrible.  Yes, I walk anyway.  No, I’m not a fitness tracker douche. (Ok, maybe I am a little – but I can’t help it!  That little thing is pretty cool).

Travel Tip Tuesday

Today’s travel tip is something that I’ve never really given much thought to. Initially, I thought, “I haven’t really travelled anywhere I would say is “dangerous.” Of course, now I realize how silly that is, because anywhere can be dangerous to an unsuspecting female traveler.

sp-l4-b_5.main story

I ran across this handy tip just this weekend while browsing through Lifehacker (I love that site!) The first safety hack listed advised women to wear a wedding ring, even if they aren’t married. The ring can serve as a deterrent to potential criminals, who often prefer an obvious clean getaway. The idea is that anyone that could be a potential threat likely assumes that your husband is with you and has just stepped away. It can also help to guard against anyone trying to move up on you (is that still a saying?) or slipping drugs into your food/drink.

The article is filled with several other tips, but this one specifically stood out to me. It’s such a simple and effective trick.

It also occurred to me that a few of these tips should be used when you’re out for a run alone as well. I just recently showed Cliff my running route and the little hidden park that I sometimes go to. This way, if I’m gone for an inordinate amount of time, he will at least know where I’m supposed to be. I also always try to run when it’s daylight out, I carry a rape whistle, and I only carry the minimum amount of cash and never any plastic.

Speaking of running, I had a fantastic run today with a buddy from work. She started C25K and just completed Week 2, Day 1 on our lunch break! I’m so proud of her! She went from little to no exercise to just busting out 3 and 4 days a week! She was nervous about going up to 90 second intervals, but she did it with ease. It completely made my day.

I’m dreading seeing the week’s damage reflected on the scale tomorrow morning. This morning I was up six pounds, but I’m hoping that a lot of that was sodium. I’ve been downing water like crazy, got back on board with MFP, and hit up the gym at lunch. I’m frustrated that I let it get out of hand, but I’m also happy that I was able to rein it in pretty quickly. Hopefully, tomorrow won’t be as bad as I think.


I have since been informed by a friend of mine that the wedding ring could possibly entice a whole other breed of creepy people…

I think it’s time for me to make new friends.