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Day 278 – Goodbye Plus Sizes

Down again this week!  I was a little disappointed to “only” see a pound and a half loss, but I’ll take it.  To be honest, I thought I would be up this week because I met my goal of working out four times last week and it takes much longer for the number to move on the scale when I’m working out regularly. This past weekend was an amazing way to kick off my favorite month of the year.  The weather was fantastic, Erin and I shaved a full 6 minutes off our time from last week, and I said goodbye to plus sizes forever.

PhotoGrid_1399312187131 (1)

I bought my first size 16 since high school!   I went shopping with Ashley and replaced almost my entire spring wardrobe, including two dresses!  I can’t believe how much fun I had shopping for clothes; it’s usually a pretty miserable experience.   I certainly didn’t think I would already be down another size.  It seems like yesterday I was jumping for joy over squeezing into a size 18.  The capris I bought are a little snug, but they’ll be perfect in another 10 pounds.  The dresses fit like a glove though and I can’t wait to have an excuse to wear them.  I’m sure I can find several excuses in Seattle next week.  PhotoGrid_1399311900036I met Erin at the river walk in New Albany again on Saturday and we finished our 5K 6 minutes faster than last week.  I love having someone to train with, it really helps the miles fly by.   I felt like we could have kept going, but we’re sticking with 3.1 for now and that’s probably for the best.  The six mile walk put me out of commission for a few days and I don’t need a repeat of that anytime soon (certainly not right before a vacation that is heavy with physical activity!)PhotoGrid_1399312037868I also managed to finish Week 4 – Day 2 of Couch to 5K.  I decided to go to the walking loop at Seneca Park on Friday and I’m so glad I did.  It was a really nice day for a run and the park is really nice.  Did I mention that there’s also an amazing butcher shop as you leave the park?  I might have stopped and picked up a juicy New York Strip to have for my “long run” dinner Saturday night.   Tonight is the last day of Week 4, so wish me luck.  Next week should be interesting…is it normal to be this frightened of an app?

The next three weeks are going to be a blur, I can just feel it.  My Mom is coming up this weekend for Mother’s Day and for Sarah’s bachelorette party (pedicures and sushi – nothing too risqué).  I have another 5K scheduled with Erin on Sunday, and a plethora of homework to finish before vacation.  Then we leave next Friday for a week in Seattle!  I am soooooo excited.

I don’t think I mentioned this, but Cliff’s last day at Connolly is also next week.  He recently accepted the position as the Database Administrator for the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.  I am ridiculously proud of him and I can’t wait for him to start this dream job.   I can’t believe he managed to land a job that blends his two loves – the arts (he’s an extremely talented musician) and IT (he’s also an extremely talented programmer).  I think this opportunity is going to be a wonderful experience for him.  He starts the day after Memorial Day, so he will be nice and refreshed from our vacation and can hit the ground running.

So, there it is…my month in a nutshell.  I think I have finally figured out a way to post most days, even if not every day.  So, everyone will get to come along on this ride with me.  Tomorrow, I plan on posting about my new obsession…planning my first (and second!) half marathon.  Tune in folks!

“Then give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.” 

~Madeline Bridges

Day 275 – Did ya miss me?

I’ve come back to this place time after time over the past month and a half.  Every time I do I see how long it’s been since I’ve posted and I just get completely overwhelmed and close the window.  I’ve written post after post and just can’t seem to get my fingers to hit the submit button.  There’s just been so much going on lately that it seems like I’ll never be able to get it all down.  Every time I think I’ve figured out a way to catch it up, something else comes up and before I know it another week has gone by.

I finally realize that the more time that passes the harder it will be to ever come back and I certainly don’t want that.

So, I decided against one, excruciatingly long catch up post and decided to do just a quick highlight of the super important stuff and then just pick back up from here.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past year is that thing don’t always have to be perfect to be awesome.  I would much rather get back into the swing of posting more often, but in order to do that I have to FORCE myself to accept that there’s no real way to cover every single thing I’ve done in the past month…and that’s ok.  It is certainly better than nothing.

So without further ado, March and April of 2014 in a nutshell:

1.       Goodbye 260’s…and 250’s:

At the time of my last official weigh in on the blog, I was down to 260.8.  I am proud to say that, even though my blog posting has suffered horribly, my weight loss has not.  As of this morning I am down to 249.8 for a total loss of 129.2 pounds, which is 34% of my starting body weight.  I’m officially in a size 18 (starting size was 26/28) and I bought my first non plus-size article of clothing this past weekend.

Cliff is doing even better.  He is now out of the 400’s and almost already out of the 390’s!  He bought his first suit this week and I couldn’t be more proud.

Now you can stop worrying that we fell off the band wagon and that’s why I haven’t posted.  It has really just been that busy.

PhotoGrid_13990415571102.     Running

I’m still running, but I’m not nearly as far along as I thought I would be (but I have to admit that I haven’t been as disciplined as I should have been).  I’ve made it to Week 4 on C25K, but immediately knew I wasn’t ready.  I can run for 3 minutes without stopping (most days) and I’m closing in on 4 minutes, but 5 minutes is just out of the question right now.  I couldn’t believe that it jumped to that.  I’m not really all that worried about it, though.  It’s not like I’m going to stop running after June.  June is just my first “official” 5K.  I’ve walked/ran 3 miles several times at this point, so I’m not worried about finishing (although it would have been nice to meet my goal of running the whole thing.  Who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself).   I made it through the Shamrock Shuffle, but I’m going to do an actual race report (my first!) about that.

**edit – the night that I started writing this post, I decided to try running Week 4 – Day 1 outside and crushed it!  I’m slower than a herd of turtles, but I made it through with a 17:30 pace over two miles.  I might meet my goal of running the 5K after all!

PhotoGrid_13987197920383.     The Walk

Oh, the walk.  That was a fun horrible day!  I decided, mostly on a whim, to walk to a friend’s house.  I had been having a pretty rough week and had been really slacking in the activity department.  So, naturally I would over-correct.  That’s just how I roll.

Did I mention that this friend happens to live 6 miles away?

Yes, you read that right.  6. Miles.

The farthest I had ever gone had been 3.11 miles on the treadmill.  I really have no idea what I was thinking.  Luckily, I didn’t give myself time to really think it over and just took off.

I’ll spare you all the details of the horrible foot cramps, my complete disregard for the all-powerful sun and the burn that it can cause, and the random dude that honked at me and then pulled into a gas station to try and talk to me.

Instead, I’ll tell you that, not only did I make it, but I crushed all of my goals!

  • Goal A – Make it in less than 2 hours
  • Goal B – Keep a sub 20 minute pace
  • Goal C – Just get there alive

PhotoGrid_13977642361824.     Obsession with FlatOuts© Pizzas

This one is pretty self-explanatory.   There are these things called FlatOuts© and they make THE BEST pizzas.  They’re only 140 calories a piece and they’re the perfect size for a personal pizza.  I’ve been loading them up with everything I can think of.  I recently discovered that I love banana peppers (diced, at least) so I normally load them up with those, mushrooms, onions, and sometimes pepperoni or Hormel Beef Crumbles.  I have yet to have one that I didn’t like, however, I have found that not all of the FlatOuts© come out crispy, but I’ve had a lot of fun trying different stuff.  As a matter of fact, I think that’s what I’m going to have for dinner tonight.


So, needless to say, we’re doing really well and Cliff is only 5 pounds away from hitting his goal of losing 100 pounds in a year!  It doesn’t look like I’m going to hit 100 in a year, but I’m perfectly fine with that.  I’ve lost a total of 130 pounds and I have absolutely no intention of stopping just because I didn’t hit my original goal.  I have hit many, many goals along the way and I have even more goals to make for the future.  If I gave up every time I hit a wall, then I would never accomplish anything.  I am beyond proud of the progress that we’ve made and will continue to make in the coming years.

Now, I just need to get back to a blogging schedule of some sort.  I feel like we’ve mastered the weight loss journey, but I’m just beginning on an excursion to try and get more organized.  Something tells me that’s going to be more difficult than losing weight!


“Only you can control your future.”  ~Dr. Seuss

Day 197 – Even Bigger Progress

Tonight will be a short post, because I just finished homework and I’m exhausted (and still hormonal – sorry for the TMI).

However, I just had to share that today was a downright amazing day.

It started off like this:

Lowest weight as an adult
Lowest weight as an adult

And ended like this:

Week 3 - Day 1 of C25K FINALLY complete.  Never thought I would conquer a 3 minute run.
Week 3 – Day 1 of C25K FINALLY complete. Never thought I would conquer a 3 minute run.

I couldn’t focus on anything at work.  My brain kept firing off, “I’m finally past 262.  I’m almost out of the 260’s.  I am, literally, the smallest I have ever been since I was a teenager.”  All of a sudden I was overcome again with that feeling of assurance that I was going to see this through.  That this was my life now and I was enjoying it!  I didn’t dread going to the gym anymore, I didn’t roll my eyes and groan at the sight of carrots, I no longer scoff at the idea of protein shakes (thanks Angela!)  I felt like I glowed the entire day.

The feeling carried through to the gym and I was bound and determined to finish that run.

It hurt.

I felt like I was going to throw up.

I had to slow down.

But I did it.  I might have been hanging onto the sides of the treadmill for the last 30 seconds, but I made it.

And I’m never looking back.

Today’s quote was inspired by my wonderful new friends at Fit Nation Baby!

“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”  ~Norman Vincent Peale