It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend! I’m not sure how I always manage to be busier when school is out.

I didn’t get home until after 11 Thursday night and was right back in the office first thing Friday morning. I don’t feel like I’ve stopped since I got home. The weekend was filled with errands and chores around the house and Sunday was filled with football and band practice (Cliff’s obviously, I have 0 musical talent). While he and Ben were practicing I decided to do a little fall shopping. I had absolutely no jeans that fit and I was tired of people poking fun at my “saggy bottom” pants.

Plus, I was pretty excited about trying on new clothes, because this happened at my official weigh in Friday morning.  160 pounds down!

Weight loss

It’s still crazy to walk into a store and go to Misses (sometimes even juniors!) and pick an outfit to try on. I even had to take a sweater back and get a large instead of an extra-large! The last time I tried on pants I could just barely button a size 16, so I decided to stay in the 18’s, but they were baggy. This time the 16’s slipped right on and they look great! I’ve been in a size 16 dress, but not pants until now, so I was really, really, REALLY excited.

I’ve decided to try a new recipe once a week so that we can add a bit of variety to our pretty uneventful menu. This weekend I made Chicken Parmesan Meatballs and served it with Barilla Whole Wheat pasta. I am happy to report that it was a big hit, even with the pasta! They were a little more time consuming than I would have time for through the week, but it would be super easy to prep on the weekend.

weight loss

I also tried a little snack I found on Pinterest that’s made out of ground nuts and instant oats. They are WAY better than any No Bake cookie I’ve ever had and they’re made with agave nectar instead of sugar! They’re the perfect little snack for before or after workouts (or if you just happen to be passing the fridge for no specific reason…)

Speaking of healthy snacks, I was watching Cliff make his lunch over the weekend and looked down and saw this setup on my counter.  It’s a huge change from a year and a half ago!

weight loss

Thankfully, I have a pretty relaxing week ahead of me (so far) and I’m really looking forward to it. I have a hair appointment Thursday and that’s it. My parents are coming in this weekend and that’s always fun. Normally we would go get sushi, but since Cliff and I are still doing our no restaurant challenge (Worst. Month. Ever. for this challenge) we’re going to make the world famous Bailey Fried Tacos.

I’m contemplating not weighing in next week…