Tonight was my second Zumba class and, even though I’m not able to do half the moves, I felt like I did better this week than last time.  She threw in some ab workouts tonight and I thought I was going to die or throw up or both.  I couldn’t even do the last ones (where we had to lift our legs off the ground while we did a crunch) so I just kept doing regular crunches.  

The important part is that I’m not giving up and I keep moving even if I can’t keep up with everything.  That’s all that matters right now.

I just keep telling myself, over and over, that there was once a day where I felt like I was going to due after 15 minutes on an elliptical and now a 30 minute jaunt is a super light day.  It’s just like everything else, it’s going to take practice.  I’m really proud of my friend, Ashley.  She goes in there and kicks @$$, and I’m super jealous of her amazing level of self confidence.  

My back doesn’t hurt quite as bad, but I feel an ice pack calling my name for in the morning.  At least it doesn’t feel like it’s going to last all week this time.  I have way too busy of a week to be slowed down by back pain.

Tomorrow is another weigh in and dinner with our friends, Katie and Troy at Cracker Barrel.  I can’t wait to introduce Cliff to the 600 calorie dinner at Cracker Barrel!  It’s delicious!