Day 7/30

Today marks the start of Week 2 and I could not be more thrilled with the number on the scale this morning.

IMG_20150408_073047_resizedThat’s a SEVEN pound loss!  {Full disclaimer – I do feel like my initial weigh-in was due to heavy sodium the day prior and the “timing” so I don’t expect these kinds of results every week, but I feel like a good 5 pounds of it is a real loss}.

Needless to say, that’s a great way to kick off the shopping trip.  This is the lowest weight I’ve ever seen in my adult life.  I’m only 12 pounds away from losing 200 pounds and only 31 pounds away from my goal weight.

Giddy doesn’t seem to quite cover it.

Oh!  This also happened last night.  Just another thing I would have never done two years ago, but now I love it.  That keeps happening…


I’ve been super stressed about finding a new sylist since Keanan moved to Nashville (oh how I miss that woman!).  The last person I tried just didn’t get what I was saying (for example I said, “I’m pretty much happy with anything that ISN’T a bob.”  So naturally…I left with a VERY BLUNT bob).  When I sat down in the chair with Tiffany last night I could instantly tell that this time would be very different.  She was super receptive, loved the pictures I brought, and just had an overall terrific personality.  I’m thrilled to have another “buddy” stylist.  We’re going to have lots of fun with this mop on my head.  For all my Louisville peeps looking for a great place to get their hair did I highly suggest her.  She works at Blades on Chenoweth – great little salon (but I guarantee you pass it a few times the first time.  Here’s the link for anyone interested –

We decided to end our restaurant challenge one day early (24 days is still a pretty good run) and met for lunch at Panera.  I had their turkey chili and a sprouted grain bagel flat.  Both were delicious and I’m stoked to add another restaurant to my “under 600 calories per meal” list.

I see lots of Panera in my future.

It was a really dreary day yesterday but I just love being able to walk around downtown, so it was still amazing to me.  I could never go back to the country.


Me, my Mom, and my Granny leave for Fort Wayne in just a few hours and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ve packed loads of travel snacks and set a goal of not eating anything from a gas station for the entire trip:

  • Fruit (grapes, apples, pineapples)
  • Fruit dip (lite cool-whip with strawberry Greek yogurt – THANK YOU CASEY!)
  • Ham roll-ups with reduced fat veggie cream cheese on whole wheat tortillas
  • SkinnyPop
  • Clif Bars
  • Paleo nut balls
  • Can of soup (in case I decide against eating out tonight)

No excuses.  Zero.

I also decided to switch my off days around.  I should have put more thought into my schedule when I made it and I would have realized that fitting in a workout yesterday would be nearly impossible.  Instead I decided to take yesterday off and move the workout to Friday instead.  Since we’re coming home tomorrow night there’s no reason I can’t hit the gym before the outlets open Friday morning.

It took me a looooong time to be ok with making those kinds of changes without feeling like a failure.  I know it sounds silly, but when I “skip” (or in this case, just move) a scheduled workout I feel defeated.  But this time around I’ve learned that the overall approach is far more important than the daily approach.  I do my best not to look at my month until it’s over and then I review and see how I’ve done.  There have been so many months where I thought I was just being a complete slacker and I would never get a good routine down.  Then I would go back and see that I still managed to work out, on average, 4-5 times a week.

Moral of the story.  Don’t be such a douche bag to yourself.

In closing, I would just like to say that I’m really starting to love our house.  After living there for seven years it finally feels like home.


Journal Entries

Day 7 Activity:

  • Inpromptu rest day – switched with Friday
  • 30 sec regular plank, 30 seconds on each side

Total burned – 0

Day 7 Food:

  • Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeo (180 cals)
  • AM snack – nothing
  • Lunch – Turkey Chili Bowl, Sprouted Flat Bagel, 2 oz of Reduced Fat Roasted Vegetable Medley cream cheese (580 cals)
  • PM snack – 2 paleo nut balls (120 cals)
  • Dinner – Breakfast Sammie with turkey sausage, egg, and avocado (368 cals)
  • Dessert – nothing 

Total – 1,248 calories

Day 6/30

Yesterday was one of those days where all the stars align and the whole day just turns into one magical memory.


One of the best parts of the day was meeting my friend, Lauren, at the pedestrian bridge downtown for a run during lunch. The weather was perfect, the scenery was amazing, and the company couldn’t have been better. It was the most enjoyable run I’ve had in quite some time. From the base of one side of the bridge to the other and back was a little under two miles and we finished off the three miles along the river. I really hope it turns into a weekly get together because it was so much fun! Talking with her just made the time fly by. I was so happy to be able to run and talk at the same time! Even though our overall pace was slow (we walked most of the last mile and just hung out) the first two miles were 13:30 and I could actually breathe. It’s the little things that make me super happy.

After work I managed to squeeze in my weight training before class and also had time to make a batch of almond balls (more affectionately known as “nut balls”) and prep my salad stuff for dinner. I love being able to take dinner with me to class instead of having to fight the crowd in the cafeteria or being forced to eat fast food. I’m not sure that the other students were too wild about it when I brought tuna salad…

*courtesy of

The awesome trend continued with me getting a 100 on my first Quant test and no homework assigned for the week. {This might have been my favorite part of the day}

After class I went home and finished up a batch of Oreo truffles for a friend’s birthday and packed my gym bag and managed to actually be in bed before 10 on a school night.

And I didn’t eat a single truffle only had two truffles!

I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday.

Journal Entries

Day 6 Activity:

  • 3 miles @ 15:30
  • Pump and Burn – 30 minutes
  • 30 sec regular plank, 30 seconds on each side

Total burned – 669 calories

Day 4 Food:

  • Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeo (180 cals)
  • AM snack – nothing
  • Lunch – 100% whole wheat english muffin with Barney Almond Butter and my Mom’s homemade blackberry jelly (305 cals)
  • PM snack – 2 paleo nut balls (120 cals)
  • Dinner –Chef Salad (347 cals)
  • Dessert – 2 Oreo truffles (160 cals)

Total – 1,112 calories

Day 5/30

Yesterday was a rest day.

It was also opposites day.

I did take a break from structured activity but that didn’t stop us from bathing both dogs (one ~40 pounds and the other ~ 90 pounds) and then detailing our car.  This morning I felt like I had run a marathon.

Overall, it was pretty uneventful.

Except for this.

This was just…perfect.

Best breakfast sandwich ever.


I’m really happy about coming in under my calories on a rest day.  That is probably my biggest challenge.  I never do well on the weekends and rest days – add them together and you, typically, get a disaster (hence the reason we weigh on Wednesdays).  Not this time!  I was good ALL weekend and managed to stay under my calories BOTH days even with hanging out with our friends on both Friday and Saturday.

Week one is almost in the books!

Journal Entries

Day 5 Activity:

  • Rest day!

Day 5 Food:

  • Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeo (180 cals)
  • AM snack – nothing
  • Lunch – Breakfast Sammie (Whole wheat bread, turkey sausage, fried egg, kraft single, 1/4 mashed avocado, mustard, and Salsa Brava (404 cals)
  • PM snack –nothing
  • Dinner –Jambalaya with turkey smoked sausage (540 cals)
  • Dessert – Pizzelle cooke with cool whip and 1 oreo (137 cals)

Total – 1,261 calories