I know I’ve been MIA for a few days; things have been super busy around the Bailey household.  Geocaching on Saturday, couple hours at the gym on Sunday, hours upon hours of preparation for a presentation that didn’t wind up happening, and a ton of house cleaning.


You’ll understand when you see the before and after of my craft room/office later this week.

I only have a few minutes, so today’s tip is really just a new site that a friend of mine showed me last week.  It’s only available in certain cities, but my girls in Lexington will be happy to know that they’re one of them!

Allegiant Air offers ridiculously low fares to a ton of vacation destinations.

My favorite example?  $158 flights from Lexington to Orlando departing on Labor Day weekend.  The price for the same ticket on Kayak and Priceline?  $369.

No brainer, right?

I see a much needed trip to Disney in my future.

Princess Half Marathon, anyone?



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