Day 7 – Botanical Garden & Jimi Hendrix Memorial

We decided that we wanted to make sure that our last day was pretty low key, so we decided to go to the botanical garden and Jimi Hendrix’s grave site.  Cliff and I have been on vacation with my parents several times now and we seem to have a theme going with the botanical gardens.  My favorite is still in St. Louis, with Atlanta a close second.  The best thing about this garden was that it was free.  The garden itself wasn’t very big at all, but what they do have is really nice.  It was a perfect place to meander through on a cloudy/rainy day (our first, by the way!)  It looks like they’re doing quite a bit of construction and I’m eager to see what they get done to it this year.  Yet another place I will have to visit again on our next trip.

This was the second time that I was struck by how lush and green everything is there.  I don’t know why I expected anything else, but I’ve never seen flowers so vibrant!  I suppose I just expected the whole area to be dreary and kind of depressing (I love gray days though!) but it was the complete opposite.

Day 7 - Botanical Garden

We walked through the entire park and wound up spending a couple of hours just kind of strolling through all the paths.  It was mostly greenery, with pops of color here and there, so it wasn’t an eventful stroll – but it was definitely relaxing.  I did get to walk across my first suspension bridge!

After the garden we stopped for lunch and then headed over to the final resting place of the late, great Jimi Hendrix.  The memorial was amazing and I was happy to see that there were no signs of vandalism.


We spent the rest of the night doing laundry.

Yes, I do laundry on vacation.  Every chance I can get actually.  All I had to do when we got home was unpack and put it away.  Perfect.

We had originally planned on staying in and eating at the apartment, but Cliff and I decided that we didn’t want sandwiches on our last night in Seattle, so we made our way down to the pub on the corner.

If you’re reading this post from the guest book at the apartment, leave right now and go to Belltown Pub.

Yelp Review

**Warning ** If you’re reading about our weight loss journey, I might disappoint you with this next sentence.


I won’t even mention the Brownie Wakeup.  (Hey – at least we shared it!)

Needless to say, it was the perfect end to an even more perfect trip.

The next morning we got up, dropped off the car, caught our flight and were back in Chicago in less than four hours.  The entire trip could not have been more seamless.  We even wound up getting our parking for free because the hotel had messed up our receipt.  When the attendant came to help us, the machine couldn’t be reset so he just let us go.  It made up the extra we had to pay for the rental car!

On the way home we stopped at Aurelio’s for Cliff’s birthday.  They have the most amazing taco pizza.  Cliff tells me all the time that he has had pizza from all parts of the country and nothing is quite as good as Aurelio’s.  It made me happy to be able to take him there on his birthday (for the SECOND time).  The pizza wound up being kind of a late lunch, early dinner type thing so afterwards we headed straight to the house.  Mom and Dad decided to go ahead and drive home and Cliff and I went to bed as soon as they left.

So, I’m sure most of you are wondering what the damage was weight wise.

We each lost 4 pounds.

Yes, we lost.  Even after the pub food, ice cream, and a bakery right outside our front door.

How did we manage that?

The biggest part was having everything in moderation.  We didn’t eat everything in sight and we shared a lot of the decadent foods that we ate.  There were a few times we went a little overboard, but it was vacation and I firmly believe that everyone needs a little break.

The second biggest part was that we NEVER stopped moving.  Every single day we got in a ton of activity.  On the days where we knew we would spend a lot of the time in a car we worked out at the gym.  My Dad and I even went for a run one morning.  Other days we walked everywhere.  We took Cliff’s watch one day and logged 5 miles just walking around the city on a light day.  Then, of course, there was our amazing hike through the Cascades.

I felt like we had a perfect balance and it made me feel a lot better about traveling on longer trips while we’re on this journey.  Before we left I was super nervous about completely losing my self control.  It was really motivating to come home and see that loss.  Even better than the loss was having the ability to do all the things that we did on the trip.  We would have missed out on so many amazing experiences just as recently as a year ago.  I can’t wait to start tackling more items on my bucket list as we continue to lose the weight.

Thanks for your patience while I shared the absolute BEST trip I’ve ever taken (I’m sure that won’t be the last time you read that line).  I, truly, did not want to leave anything out.  For those of you reading this from the apartment, I urge you to do three things if nothing else.

  • Spend LOADS of time going through Pike Place Market (go on a weekday, trust me)
  • Have at least one dinner at Belltown Pub.
  • If you love music, horror flicks, fantasy, or anything else that’s awesome – go to the EMP.

I hope you enjoyed my (lengthy) review of Seattle.  I highly suggest everyone visit this city at least once.

5 stars for sure.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ~ Confucius

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