I feel like I could start each and every post about our trip to the Pacific Northwest with “Today was the best day of the trip.”

On Day 7 we decided to walk down to the Seattle Center and check out the Chihuly Gardens and the EMP (Experience Music Project Museum). Dale Chihuly is an amazing blown glass sculptor with exhibits all over the world. I think Cliff and I turned my entire family into Chihuly fans when we all went to St. Louis a few years ago and saw several of his pieces at the botanical garden. It was a no brainer that we would have to see the permanent collection in his home state.

While the pieces were amazing, I was a little disappointed with the trip overall. It was over $20 per person to get in and it took less than an hour to walk through it all (and that was at a very leisurely stroll). I can’t complain too much because they did take the only picture that had all four of us in it.


Again, words don’t do it justice.

Day 6 - EMP & Chihuly Gardens

After our (brief) walk through the exhibit, we decided to break for lunch before deciding what to do next. Dad had found a sushi joint that he wanted to try and who am I to argue with my father? 😉 It just so happened to be a few blocks away so we decided to check it out.

Best. Decision. Ever.

I had always wanted to go to a sushi restaurant where it moved around the table!

Day 6 - EMP & Chihuly Gardens1

It was absolutely delicious, and (as you can see) we had WAY too much sushi. It was totally worth it and I’m sure we wound up walking it off. I will definitely go back on our next trip. The location is perfect and the price was very reasonable. With tip, Cliff and I polished off all that sushi for less than $40. It was A LOT of sushi.

After lunch Mom and Dad decided that they wanted to head back to the apartment, but Cliff and I had been dying to check out the EMP so we parted ways and Cliff and I walked back to the Seattle Center.

And we didn’t leave for almost 5 hours…

It was like someone had gone into our brains and picked out all the stuff that we liked and put it into our own, completely geeked out, little museum.

Here are just a few of the completely unrelated exhibits that we saw while we were there:

Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses

Fantasy: World of Myth and Magic

Icons of Science Fiction

Hendrix hits London

Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film

Not only did we see those, but there were permanent features like the Guitar Gallery and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

You would think that would already be more awesome than one building could contain, right?


Almost the entire second level consisted of sound rooms and each one housed a different instrument that you could play (for free) for 10 minute increments. They even had a room to go in and record a performance and they would put it on a DVD for you (also free!)

Seriously…it was the most splendidly obscure mix of perfect. I can’t wait to go back (and yes, that is me standing next to an outfit that was once worn by the awesome Katee Sackoff when she played Lieutenant Starbuck in Battlestar Gallactica)

Day 6 - EMP & Chihuly Gardens2

After the EMP we went back to the apartment to relax before dinner. Mom and Dad had purchased an admission to the Chihuly Gardens that allowed them to go back at night and see it all lit up, but we weren’t interested. Instead Cliff surprised me with an impromptu anniversary dinner (we were going to be back in Louisville on our actual anniversary) at a Brazilian Steakhouse down the road from our apartment. Neither of us had ever been to one before, and we all know that I’m not one to turn down steak, so it seemed perfect.


Yelp Review

Well, it would have been perfect a year or so ago, but it was a bit too much for our smaller tummies. It was all you could eat of 17 different kinds of meat, plus a crazy bar of sides.

** And for what it’s worth, I still prefer Cliff’s steaks.**

The best thing we had was the grilled pineapple. No I’m not kidding.

However, we had a great time and it was definitely an experience that I’m glad we got to have together (like all of our firsts, I suppose). But I don’t think either of us would go back to one, it’s just a waste at this point.

After dinner, we walked down to the corner market and bought a small container of Red Velvet Ice cream and split it. I’m eternally grateful that I never discovered my love for Red Velvet cake while I was eating everything in sight. Things would have been REALLY bad for me.

Yet another (near) perfect day. Surprise, surprise. 

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

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