Checking in for Day 3.

Life happened today and caused me to miss my workout.  I’m trying not to be too tore up about it.  I still managed to work out three times this week (and still have 3 days left) and we walked a mile at work each day this week.  I’ve also stayed in my calorie range every day and don’t feel the least bit slighted.

My coworkers went to a fancy lunch today at the Brown Hotel, but I elected to stay and have a free and low cal lunch with the hubby.  At first, I felt so guilty for not going and was afraid that I would miss out on something super important.  Then I got to thinking that, in the long run, I would rather feel a little bad upfront rather than REALLY bad when I stepped on the scale.

I normally don’t count calories for things like cleaning, but I really needed the pick me up today.  Plus I really got into it this time.  I cleaned more in a half hour than I usually clean in 2 hours.  Maybe I really am starting to pick up the pace.

I let the hubster take the picture for today (only because he has this weird thought that I look good in a tank top).  I was dressed and ready to go hit the elliptical when a buddy called and needed an emergency babysitter ASAP.  At least I tried.

Tomorrow is a new day.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
C. S. Lewis

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