The challenge in FitNation this week is to plan all of our meals for the next day in My Fitness Pal.  We get one point for posting a picture of our plan and then another point if we actually follow that plan.

I hate this challenge.

Planning my meals is not my forte (which is strange since I’m typically pretty OCD about planning stuff)  I normally grab whatever I have time for at breakfast and then just throw a sandwich or a lunchable in the lunch box and head out the door.   Sometimes my days can be a real struggle.  I always get hungry around 9:30 (breakfast is at 6:30) and never plan for it.  This is definitely the time of day where I make my worst eating decisions.  The hunger will get out of control and I’ll have some candy or Cliff and I will go out to eat somewhere.  We still make better decisions than we used to, but I want to get to the point where I’m making good decisions, not just better decisions.

So that brings me to Monday, which was the first day of the challenge.  Sunday night I spent nearly an hour planning out things that I could have this week so that I would stick to my plan and snag those points!  Here was my plan:

PlanningI put the English muffin into one meal, but I actually ate half at 10AM with cream cheese and the other half at 2 with peanut butter.  I’ve been on a big bagel kick since my recent experience with Einstein’s.  I am also totally in love with Laughing Cow cream cheese!  That stuff is amazing and only 45 calories per wedge.

I was blown away by the difference I felt.  My cravings were nonexistent, I didn’t feel starved all day or like I was just counting the hours until my next meal, and I felt like I had more energy.  I’ve been resting my leg in preparation for vacation this week and the race next month, so I was afraid I would feel blah after my second rest day.  The only time that I was concerned was right after work and before I left for class.  We had just gone to the grocery and when I walked into the kitchen there were all kinds of goodies for our road trip (healthy goodies, but not if you eat 10 of them!) staring me in the face.  Without hesitation I hid them all in the cabinet so that they would be out of sight and out of mind.  We actually started doing that months ago, but I felt like I was strong enough to leave it all out so that I could have some of my cabinet space back.

Apparently I was wrong.

Once the snacks were put away I felt 100% better and was fine until I had dinner when I got home from class.  I was so happy to complete the first day of the challenge.

Unfortunately, the second day (and all subsequent days since then) did not go that way.  I was still under my calorie goals, but with everything going on this week I just wasn’t able to stick to the plans I had made.  My first mistake was assuming that me or Cliff would have time to cook this week.  Considering everything that we have to do to get ready for our trip, there was no way that we were cooking full out meals like I had originally planned.

Even though I didn’t complete the entire week I’m still going to work on my planning skills.  It definitely seemed to help me keep better control over my cravings.  When we get back from vacation I’m going to try the 21 Day Fix and I won’t have any choice but to plan then!

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”  ~Anatole France

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