Not a lot to report in the past few days.  Went to the gym, went to Aalasia’s dance competition, and did homework.  I just have one more week of class and then finals.  I have never been so happy for a semester to come to a close.  Three classes and a full time job is just too much to juggle.

This week is going to be ridiculously busy.  I have finals next week, a 7 page research paper due, and a huge project for my Object Oriented Programming class.  Plus, I’m going to Lexington Friday night so that I can get up early on Saturday and run my very first race.  I registered for the Shamrock Shuffle with most of the girls from my fitness club, Fit Nation!  I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone, but I’m a little nervous about the race itself.  I thought I would be running much farther and much faster by now, but that isn’t the case.  I still can’t seem to get passed three minutes and that’s in perfect conditions.  If I’m having a bad day or didn’t stay 100% on par with my eating plan, the I’m still hovering around two and a half minutes.  I know that I should look at the macro and remember when I couldn’t run for 30 seconds, but I really expected to be farther along in my training by now.  At this rate there’s not way I’m running a 5K by June.  However, that doesn’t mean that I plan on quitting anytime soon.  Even if I don’t run the 5K, I know I can finish it and that’s still a huge accomplishment.  So what if it takes me a little longer to get there, I can deal.

But I wouldn’t mind showing up at the gym one day and busting out a mile in 13 minutes or something.

Just sayin’

Now, it’s time for bed.  The time change is already messing with me.  It certainly doesn’t feel like it should be 9:30 at night.  5AM gets here way to early no matter what time of year it is.

“Victory is the child of preparation and determination.” ~Sean Hampton

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