The rest of the week continued on much like Wednesday…up and then down.  Friday I felt like I was flying, today I felt like I was sinking in quick sand.

I blame hormones.

And programming homework.

But mostly hormones.

Instead of dwelling on my absolutely horrific bad day today, I want to fixate on Friday.

Oh Friday, what a wondrous day you were.

First you delivered the next piece of my fitness puzzle…

Day 194-2

Then you gave me my first ever 5K…

…and a new PR for my session pace (15:54/mile)

…and my first ever 3 minute sprint!

Day 194

Isn’t it a shame that it wasn’t a C25K training session that I was doing instead of a free run?  To be honest, it makes me even happier that it just happened when I technically wasn’t even trying.  I had tried the W3D1 workout for C25K on Thursday and just couldn’t hack it.  I made it through the first 90 second sprint, but I just couldn’t do the 3 minutes straight and had to quit at 2m15s.  I was so disappointed in myself (queue the first appearance of Aunt Flow’s sister, Polly Molly Sue).  I came home and sat in my room and cried.  Cliff laughed out loud at me blubbering about how I couldn’t run for 3 minutes and reminded me of where I was six months ago.  Immediately I was reminded of another crying episode…one where I was too scared to even up the speed on the treadmill to a light jog.  I felt like such a failure, but I was determined to lose the weight – even if I never became a runner.  So, I started using the elliptical, where I felt like I could work harder without the impact of the treadmill and that’s where I stayed for fifty pounds.

I sat back and marveled at far I’ve come on my fitness journey, even if it has been a slow build.  Six months ago I could barely last 5 minutes on an elliptical and now I’m running/walking 5K, busting out 45 minute sessions on every cardio machine they have, and biking 6 ½ miles on my REST DAYS!  Who is this person?

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be signed up to run a 5K, I would have laughed in your face…for a really long time.  And then I would have had a burger.  Now I’m not only signed up for my first 5K in June, but I also signed up for a 3K in March with my badass FitNation team, and will be starting P90X3 next week.  I know, I know – I was supposed to start tomorrow, but I had no idea that you needed to study for a few days before starting this program.  Good grief, it came with a full sized novel!  (and 30 days of the most AMAZING shakes called Shakeology – more on that in another post).  So, my plan is to spend this week learning about it and getting some resistance bands so that I can modify some of the workouts and then starting next Tuesday.

I will also be taking my measurements (another first!) this week and getting some official before pictures made.  A friend of mine is a photographer and I’m thinking about asking her to do them at her studio so that I can use them once I’ve lost all the weight.  The lighting in my house is awful and I refuse to only have the before pictures that I’ve snapped with my iPhone in the mirror.

I’m still on the fence about the body fat monitor, so I’m going to do a bit more research on it before I make the final decision.  Right now, I’m just going to focus on the measurements, the pictures, and getting started on P90.  However, if the scale still hasn’t budged on Wednesday then I might just have to order one in order to keep my sanity.

Tomorrow I take another stab at W3D1 after work.  Luckily, the schedule only calls for a 28 minute session, so I should have plenty of time to get it in before class.  Monday’s are such a difficult day for me.

  • Work – 7:30 – 4
  • Gym by 4:30
  • Done by 5:00
  • Home by 5:15
  • Showered by 5:30
  • Get to class by 6
  • Home at 10

I have absolutely no idea how people with kids do it…

Now it’s time for a bit of light reading (how many different workouts are in this program anyway???) and then bed.  Tomorrow I start my first challenge with my amazing FitNation team and I can’t wait!

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