I think today might have officially gotten me addicted to running.  I felt amazing when I was finished and CRUSHED Week 2 – Day 2 of the Couch to 5K program.  I actually had to repeat the first day almost 3 times, but I eeked out the last 90 second sprint while holding onto the bars of the treadmill.  Today, I wanted to smack that 90 second sprint in the face.  It was, by far, the most rewarding workout to date and has me really looking forward to the next run this week.  I’ve decided that I’m going to get back into a more well-rounded weekly routine so I’ll be doing a light cardio on Wednesday and my last run on Friday and then I’ll go to running Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week.

I’m really hoping for a good weigh-in this week.  I’m only 3 pounds away from my lowest (recorded) weight as an adult.  I think I might have been a bit smaller when I first moved to Louisville when I was 18, but I really have no idea.  I started packing on the weight as soon as I moved here and before I knew it I was knocking on 400’s door.  The smallest I ever remember being was 262 in September of 2010 during the first Biggest Loser competition at work.

So clooossse.

So, I’ve been following this blog and her passion for peanut butter has turned out to be contagious.  I had recently decided to try different nut butter every time I’ve gone to the grocery and this weekend I found THE.BEST.PEANUT.BUTTER.EVER.

Day 181

I’ve eaten almost half the bottle since Sunday morning (yes, I’ve counted every single calorie – I just found a way to fit it into every snack and every meal since Sunday).   It is absolutely delightful.  I had never even thought of adding peanut butter to ice cream until I read it on Katie’s blog and then tried it last night.  Man, am I glad I didn’t discover that during my fatty Mcfat days!  All I needed was one more thing to completely gorge myself with.

I am beyond tired of this cold weather.  I had originally intended to start my running journey outside, but Mother Nature put a quick end to that.  Sometimes I feel like I’m never going to be warm again.  Today’s high was 15 degrees.

15 Degrees.

Perhaps it was the FIFTY %$&*@#$ DEGREE DAY WE HAD ON SUNDAY!

I hate this state.

Luckily, I have amazing co-workers.  This is the second scarf that one of my co-workers has made for me.

Day 181 -2

You might remember me mentioning my new addiction to scarves. I didn’t think to snap a shot of me wearing this one because I was too busy trying to pump myself up for today’s run (time well spent again!)

Still no book.  🙁 Hopefully tomorrow.

However, I did finish a free Kindle book called Running with Curves by Jill Angie.  It had quite a bit of information for running when you’re on the heavier side.  I especially liked her explanation of our “inner mean girl.”  Some parts made it feel like she was reading my mind and it felt great to read that someone else had the same issues that I’m having.  It was a nice, quick read but has made me crave my Runner’s World book even more!  Maybe I’ll find another free Kindle book to pass the time until it gets here.

Class is about to start back up and it looks like it’s going to be a late night.  At least I’ll have Totino’s and cucumbers waiting for me when I get home.  😉

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step.”  ~Martin Luther King Jr.



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