It’s official.

I’m a Grinch.

I have never been so happy to see the holidays come to an end.  I’m definitely going to have to find some kind of middle ground between not celebrating at all and not buying a gift for every single person that I know.  (However, in all honesty, I wish the whole gift giving aspect of Christmas would just go away!)

I have definitely learned that I can only handle my home town for about 3 days before I start going crazy.  There isn’t a Starbucks for 30 miles!  I’m sorry, but I just can’t live under those conditions.  😉  Luckily, my Mom and Dad are coming to Louisville in a few weeks so I’m looking forward to a normal visit.  This one was definitely straining – and I blame Duck Dynasty.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Cliff and I got home around 6 Wednesday night and I was in the bed, asleep, by 9.  I was beyond exhausted and even though I got 8 ½ hours of sleep, I still struggled to get out of bed Thursday morning.  I think this may have been due to the pillow that my Mom got me for my birthday.  IT. IS. AMAZING.

The first thing I did was step on the scale…

And then immediately wished that I hadn’t.

I was up 7 pounds.

I have no idea how that’s even possible. 

We worked out 3 of the 4 days that we were there and I came in well under my calories every day except Christmas Eve.  Yes, I completely lost control ate quite a bit at my Grandparent’s house, but there’s no way it was seven pounds worth…

I didn’t even drink…



I’m trying to convince myself that it’s water weight and it will be off by Tuesday, but I’m actually feeling super defeated.  We made sure to hit the gym right after work yesterday and I’ll be going back today and tomorrow for a total of six days this week.  Hopefully that will be enough to undo the damage.

The 2nd will be here before I know it, which means it’s time to start training for the Color Fun Run 5K that I’m running with my Dad in June.  I’m going to start with the Couch to 5K app and see how that works.  I’m hoping that since I’m able to keep my heart rate around 135-145 for the duration of my 45 minute workouts then I’ll be able to keep up with the training program.

The running store called and said that my new sports bra was in but didn’t say anything about my shoes.  They told me that they would be there in 7-10 business days, so I’m guessing it won’t be until sometime next week.  I really, really hope they’re here before Thursday.  The only thing I have left to buy is a pair of gloves and I think I’ll just pick those up when I get my shoes and bra.  My Grandmother gave me a $100 gift card to Blue Mile for my birthday and I’ll definitely put it to good use!

We’ll see.

I was able to score two UA compression shirts while I was in Mayfield (not to mention the ridiculous amount of clothing that I got at my Aunt’s consignment store – that will have to be a post of its own!) So I decided to have Cliff take a few progress pictures (I’ll post on weigh in day).  I snapped one of him while I was looking for the best spot in the living room.  I was REALLY blown away at his progress.  It’s unbelievable sometimes.

Photo 1

Yes, I’m super jealous (but also incredibly proud).

I don’t feel like I’ve made as much progress as I would have liked to by now, but I’m content with where I am.  I’m 2 pounds away (going by official weigh-ins only) from being 50 pounds down from our start date.  We’re two weeks away from being half-way through a year, so I’m right on target to lose 100 pounds in a year.  That will put me at 211 (roughly) about the time I’ll be running my first 5K.  I’m still mulling over my final goal weight and I keep coming back to somewhere between 145 and 160ish.  I think that would get my out of double digit clothes as long as I make sure to keep working out.  Right now I’m just focusing on getting out of plus sizes.

Cliff and I are going to a friend’s house tonight and I’m going to do my absolute best not to indulge in any snacks or alcohol.  My friend, Dawn, gets gourmet turtles from a local bakery every year for Christmas and they’re like crack.  Refusing them will be a difficult feat.   I want to get up early and go to the gym tomorrow and then come home and work on my craft room, so I doubt we’ll be out too late. My goal is to have the craft room/office mostly put together before I go back to school.  I’ve decided to make better use of the gigantic desk for homework and blogging.  First, I have to wade through the purses and scrapbooking supplies that currently cover every square inch!

I’ll post before and afters tomorrow.  Wish me luck! 

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