I hit a huge milestone today. 

I’ve lost 100 pounds (again)!

This morning when I stepped on the scale I weighed in at 275 pounds (a 5 pound loss from last week), which was my goal to reach by the end of November.  I’m a week early!  It was certainly a great way to start a busy Tuesday.

For a brief moment this morning Cliff thought that he was going to be off today because the network at work was down.  We decided to wait until 7:30 or so before heading out to the gym to get our workout out of the way.  The network was still down at 7:30 so we left.  Halfway there Cliff realized that he had forgotten his headphones so we had to turn around.  At the stoplight before our house he got the text that the network was back up.

An hour later start to my day for nothing.  Thank goodness for that great weigh in!

After Cliff left for work I started working on the living room and laundry.  I had to meet Ashley at RxCrossRoads at 12:15 to drop off a few bags from her Initial’s Inc. party and lunch afterwards.  I got to see a few old friends (all who commented on the weight loss, so another score for me today!) and then we swung by Wendy’s for lunch.  Turns out, their chili is delicious!  Especially on a baked potato.

After we picked up our food we rode over to her office to eat.  While we were there a garbage truck smashed into a car in the middle of their (only) entrance.  Everyone was ok, but the entrance was blocked for over an hour.

Yes, the entire day was like this.

Once the wreck was cleared I was able to ride over to the gym.  I also needed to pick up a little something as a thank you gift for Ashley’s mom.  Luckily Hobby Lobby is right beside the gym, so for once I caught a break today.

I finished up my errands and came back to the house to finish shampooing the carpets.

Did I mention that I LOVE shampooing carpets?

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up and getting ready to host Thanksgiving on Thursday.  This year has been significantly different than last year.  My stress level is nonexistent and my house was already mostly clean.  I’m actually really looking forward to this Thanksgiving dinner – just not the calories that come with it.

I know I can have anything I want, as long as I have it in moderation, I’m just not sure how I’m supposed to moderate Thanksgiving food…

“You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals!”  ~Booker T. Washington

Day 120


Day 120

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