A friend sent me a very bittersweet text today.

Facebook reminded her that, 2 years ago today, we ran our first 5K together.  That was also the first time I had ran an entire 5K without stopping and killed my goal time.

That reminder would have stung a whole lot worse if I hadn’t just received some amazing news.

Guess who just finished their first run in…umm..I really don’t know how long to be honest.

This gal.

Cliff and I just finished Day 1 of Couch to 5k.  It was perfect to help get me back into the swing of things.  My physical therapist released me last night as long as I agreed to take it super slow and to only do jog/walk intervals for no more than 20 minutes.

It makes a ton of sense that the first time I’m told I can run in months and this is what it looks like outside.

We managed to make it about 2 miles in the the time limit, so I’ll take it.  I am still kind of sore, but it’s hard to tell if it’s my brain being a big fat liar or my body just not being used to the movements anymore.  My PT and I have talked a lot about the mental aspect of chronic pain and I’ve started reading books about meditation and mindfulness.  It’s amazing how your brain will trick you.

Always remember one thing.  Your brain is a total asshole.

There are numerous studies showing that meditation is one of the most effective ways of managing chronic pain and illness.  The study below focuses primarily on low back, neck, and shoulder pain.  It reported that, after 10 weeks of practice, 65% of patients showed more than a 33% improvement in pain and over half had a decrease of more than 50%.


If nothing else, it certainly can’t hurt to try.  I already know that certain mindful practices help with anxiety, so there’s really no con to stepping up my game.

I have the rest of the week mapped out and I’m actually feeling really good about things.  I would love it if I could just walk out my door tomorrow and run a 5K, but my sore bum tells me that’s probably not going to happen.  I’m ok with that though and I’m ready to face a long, tough road of getting back to where I was.  I know none of this is ever going to be easy for Cliff and I, but I refuse to give up and I’m determined to find my own perfect…whatever size or weight that might be.


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