One of my new mental health initiatives is to make a positive comment every time I make a negative one.

Since I know this post is going to be riddled have a few negative parts I’ll go ahead and start with the positive.  🙂

  1. The no gym thing is still working out.  I’ve downloaded the Peloton app and I love it!  It’s $12.99 a month and I get access to unlimited spin classes.  They release at least 10 new ones a day so it’s impossible to get bored.  I’m still in the beginner section, but I think I’ll be able to expand fairly soon.  Next on the agenda…find and purchase an elliptical for Clifford.
  2. My Mom is still KILLING her Country Heat workouts.  Turns out she’s quite the accountability partner as well.
  3. Two of our very close friends have recently started their own health journey and have asked for our help.  We all agreed to take a group approach and keep each other on our toes.  We all weigh in together on Sundays and set up a different group goal to work towards each week for the next four weeks.  I’m really excited to see how we do!
  4. My physical therapist thinks I’ll be able to ease back into running in a few weeks!  I’ve been 99% pain free for a couple weeks now and things just seem to get better and better.  He even said I may be able to run the mini-marathon next year!
  5. I’m going to Cincinnati with family this weekend (my Mom and two aunts) and I can’t wait.  We have plans on hitting the trifecta – IKEA, Jungle Jim’s, and the Premier Outlets.  Dream come true trip!

Pretty great stuff going on right now.  Seeing it all written out like that makes the next story much easier to swallow.

Our trip to Nashville was a a total fail.

First – the bed in the master bedroom collapsed – no fun story here – just …fell apart when I laid down to read a book:

At first we were going to try and make it work.  Cliff was convinced he could sleep at a slight angle and if it bothered him we would find a hotel the next day.  So we stayed up and played board games until about 1:30AM and when we went to bed…it collapsed the rest of the way.  Fortunately, Marriott was there to save the day.

We went to the hotel and our friends stayed at the house and the next morning we all packed up and stayed the next night at the hotel.  Then the host refused to refund us for the first night and I had to contact the rental agency and send pictures of our text messages showing them that the host knew about the problem prior to our stay.  Long story short, I was reimbursed the entire amount and given a $50 credit on a future stay.

However, the whole event stressed me out to the point where I totally lost my resolve and pigged out.  Originally the plan was to only eat at Ellendale’s and no other restaurants.


Yeah, right.

Instead we spent Saturday night wolfing down random meat entrees at a Brazilian steakhouse.  Service was horrible, but the food was amazing.

We also decided to pass on Ellendale’s after reading the latest reviews.  Instead we found this little gem.

One word.  Bronut.

So, in summary,  we ended our no restaurant challenge (we made it 46/90 days) and gained EIGHT POUNDS in three days.

Hence – The Nashville Fail.

On the upside, our pups also got to celebrate when we got home.

I did manage to get back on track really quickly and have since lost the sodium gain.  The ease of working out at home has really helped.  Even though it still isn’t what it used to be, I’m still doing far better than I have been for the majority of the past year or so.

We have loads of exciting things coming up this year and I’m determined to be in better shape for them. While I’m less and less concerned about the number on the scale, I would like to be back to my lowest weight (187) before we go to San Diego in August.  That would require a 1.8 pound per week loss.

I know I may never reach 160 pounds, especially without having skin removal surgery, but I’ve figured out that I’m ok with that.  I loved my body (in hindsight, of course) when I was a size 10/12 and about 190 pounds.  I was also living a lifestyle that I know I can maintain.  Realizing that I work best with defined goals in mind was a real eye opener.  I’ve gone back to tracking my weight in my bullet journal, doing weekly/monthly challenges, and talking to my PT about a game plan to run again.  With my wonderful support network (many of which are now on their own journey to a healthy lifestyle) I’m sure I can be back to my happy place in no time!


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