There’s no better way to end a weekend than trying random recipes and playing with new kitchen toys while sporting some serious ear candy.


I’ve been wanting a pair of over-the-ear headphones ever since Cliff got his recording equipment and I listed to his for all of 35 seconds.  Today I got my replacement graduation present.  (Cliff decided he wanted to use the computer we built for himself ’cause he’s a jerk.)

Just kidding.

It’s because I built this amazing machine and now I, apparently, have zero interest in playing video games.

I thought, for sure, as soon as I finished school I would go right back to gaming and I did…just not video games this time around.  I’ve really gotten into playing board games instead and I’ve been (finally!) reading again.  I decided to do a BookRiot Read Harder Challenge this year and I started on vacation.  I’m actually using the 2016 genre list because once I stumbled upon it there was no way I could wait until the 2017 list released before I set it up in my Bullet Journal.

Spoiler alert: Patient is not my strong suit.

Reading, BuJo

I’m a book and a half in so far and really looking forward to breaking all my reading norms.

As for today’s foodie adventures I tried both a new food AND a new appliance.  My parents got me an Instant Pot for my birthday and I’ve been absolutely terrified of using it.  I’m sure I’ve saved somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 recipes – never even turned it on.

Until today!

You would think such a momentous occasion would warrant pictures.


Mostly because it was just brown rice, but also because I was way too excited to remember something like taking pictures, even if it’s for a pot full of brown rice that was cooked to perfection in 23 minutes.

However, I did remember to take pictures of my new food!

Today I tried both cooking and eating a spaghetti squash for the first time.  I’m actually really surprised at how easy it was!  I tried a bite and while it certainly was NOT a direct replacement for pasta (whoever tells you it’s as good/better than pasta is likely a liar or clinically insane) I think it’ll be pretty tasty with sauce and cheese tomorrow night.


Tomorrow starts week 2 of training!  I managed to workout for, at least, an hour four times this week and stayed within my calorie range every day this week.  Hoping for an even better performance next week.

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