I think the subheadings are here to stay.  Mostly because it makes for easy reading, but also easy writing – which is needed to save time now that Cliff and I have started playing another MMO.

I know, I know!  But I swear it won’t be like last time!

Well, not exactly like it.

Basically, what I’m saying is that all of my weekends and any spare time after work, exercise, and school will be dedicated to the sweet, sweet sound of FFXIV.

But that’s IT.  No other times. I have to draw the line somewhere.

This Week’s Weigh-In



*I forgot my FitBit one day this week, but I still walked and I’m sure I was well over my goal of 8,000 steps/day.

I’m pretty pumped about all that.

I’m really thrilled with how I did this week. Not a single day over 2,000 calories and that included two 3-day weekends!  We had a pretty awful snow storm pass through early Friday and Cliff and I decided to stay home.

This Week’s Project

We finished up the gym last week, so the next logical step was setting up the craft room/office/sitting area in the other half of the gym.

This is how it looked when we moved everything down from upstairs.

IMG_1421This is how it looked once we got everything into one area that actually belonged there and adding a second bookcase.



Since that time, we’ve added another table for the computer and Cliff took another bookcase from upstairs and made me a nice little reading area.

This week’s project is to finish unpacking EVERYTHING.  Wish me luck.

This Week’s Cuteness Overload


Super Hero.  Duh.

I had to make a collage of cuteness this week.

Note:  Baby's first selfie.
Note: Baby’s first selfie.

This Week’s Quote

Kelsey is on a role!
Kelsey is on a role!


Next Week’s Plan

I just got home from the doctor.  My leg has been giving me problems for months now and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I’ve been told to lay off working out for a few days, on top of a round of steroids.


I did ask if I could walk and was told that should be fine as long as I don’t overdo it.  So, since the interval training worked out so well last week (as did my spin bike!) I decided to look for walking intervals that I can do at lunch and this one looks to be about perfect.



I didn’t get a chance to prep anything fancy this week so it’s frozen meal and fruit week.  Today worked out since I needed something really quick.  My goal is to eat an apple every single day – can’t have too much fiber. 😉

My other goal is to not eat everything else in sight.

More luck please.

This Week’s Completely Random Thing

Snapped this shot on the way to work this morning.  Hello Moon.

IMG_1411And with that I have fulfilled my January goal!  Be on the lookout for a brand new HouseBailey!



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