The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, so – other than sharing with you what they are – I’m not going to spend much time going over it.

I set a lot of goals for 2015.  Unforeseen life events kind of altered my ability to meet many of those goals.  I scored a solid 50% and, to be perfectly honest, I’m totally good with that.

2015 turned out to be quite the learning experience.  While the last half of the year was pretty…taxing(?) I’m still so very happy that it happened.  I feel like I’ve finally learned to be a bit more grateful and less judgmental.  I also seem to have a much better level of patience and maybe, just maybe, a better level of self-esteem as well.

2016 is the year that I combine everything I’ve learned about weight loss with everything I’ve learned about myself.

216 Goals

As you can see, those are some pretty intense goals.

When I first went into making this list I told my husband that I was picking a bunch of goals so that, when I fail at some of them I won’t feel so bad about it.  Fortunately for me, my husband is amazing and informed me that was a terrible way to look at it.  He tells me that all of these goals are perfectly attainable and there’s no reason at all not to believe that I can’t accomplish each one.

Sorry, ladies.  He’s an only child.  😉

Of course, he’s right (I’m sure he’s eating that up right now).  Every single item on my goal list is reasonable.  There shouldn’t be any reason (barring more life-altering events, obviously) not to be able to do this.

The blog has always been helpful, but between school and work it tends to find it’s way to the back burner.  I really don’t want that to continue, because going back and reading about everything we’ve achieved so far has been so very helpful.  I still feel like once a week is reasonable.  My first reward is a new blog layout if I write every single Monday in January.

It’s the little things.

I’m determined to hit all the goals on this list.

Day 1 got off to a much better start than I thought.  Food was better than it’s been in months and I managed to last 55 whole minutes at the gym before I threw in the towel.  It also included 14,950 steps and 39 flights of stairs.  I’ll take it.

The plan for this week is to just get back into a routine.  Nothing extreme, no 21 Day Fix, no day-specific workout regiment, no race training.  Just staying under my calories and moving for, at least, 30 minutes a day.  I know this is what works for me and that it’s just a matter of doing it consistently.

So, my plan is to weigh in every Monday and write up a summary of the previous week.

Not much to share about last week except for the fact that I ate like a complete asshole.

So, here’s this week’s weigh in:


This is 28 pounds up from my lowest weight, but still 165 pounds down from my highest.  My first goal is to be back to my lowest weight (186) by the time we leave for vacation in late May.

So, today was 1/365 and…so far, so good.

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    • Thanks James! These past couple of weeks have really shown me just how fast a person can lose their fitness level. I have to admit though, I am enjoying the “easier” workouts while I work on getting it back. Happy 2016 and good luck to you as well!

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