Of course you already know that yesterday started off pretty great.  Luckily, the trend continued throughout the rest of the day.  It was coffee Wednesday and I decided to try a new drink. I was feeling super adventurous so I went with the Salted Caramel Latte with almond milk.  Good stuff.

Halfway there!  Even though I’ve had to move things around or slow down/remove mileage due to pain, I haven’t skipped a single workout so far.


This week has been really busy at work, but I was able to break away for a run with my good buddy, Lauren, during lunch yesterday.  I was ridiculously nervous about how my leg was going to feel and had already made up my mind that if it hurt at all I would stop.  We met at the pedestrian bridge across the Ohio about Noon and took off (that place will never get old as a running spot – ever). My leg felt pretty great the whole time, even after barre and spin the night before!  Ironically enough, we got through the first mile and my abs (well – the area in which I hope to one day have abs) felt like they were on fire.  I figured that, taking this month’s extensive workout routine into consideration, I could just walk/jog the rest of the way.  I’m really fortunate to have such understanding and flexible friends.  Lauren was just fine toning down the rest of the journey.  We wound up going 2.7 miles and I feel much better about both the leg and my running fitness level.  I think I’ll be in a really good place by the time half-marathon training officially starts.  Hopefully, I can talk Lauren into continuing to meet there once a week for as long as possible.

I never thought I would enjoy running/working out with people A) because I’ve always been kind of a loner, not a ton of friends and B) because I’ve always been extremely self-conscious about running/working out (I.E. “bouncing”) in front of people.  I’m so glad that I (seem to) have gotten over both of those issues.  I’ve gotten to know some terrific people (and gotten to know people I already knew even better) and now I can’t imagine my life without them. It makes me sad to think that I could have missed out on that just a couple of years ago.

Speaking of one of those terrific people!  Lauren and I forgot to take a post-run selfie (yes, I am one of those people and I’m cool with that) but she just recently had a great shot done of her so I thought it would be fun to just share our “Look at me!   I totes have an important career!” pics


After work I also had 30 minutes of weights on the schedule.  I kept the 10 pound weights on for the entire workout!  The only workout that I couldn’t finish was chest/arms.  I have zero very little upper body strength so I always struggle there.  I made it through the whole workout with very little modification (I built my 1:30 plank into the ab workout at the end because I can’t do their move just yet, so it worked out).

I owe it all to my new T-shirt, courtesy of my buddy, Tim.

"Spot me Bro"

Day 15 Activity:

  • Run w/ Lauren (40 minutes)
  • Pump and Burn (30 minutes)

Total burned – 668 calories

Day 15 Food:

  • Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeo w/ banana (233 cals)
  • AM snack – Salted Caramel Latte w/ almond milk (~145 cals)
  • Lunch – Homestyle Light Chicken Corn Chowder w/ 6 wheat saltines (300 cals)
  • PM snackGrapes and extra sharp cheese (122 cals)
  • Dinner – Homemade spaghetti w/ meat sauce (half turkey/beef) and veggie noodles  (474 cals)
  • Dessert – Luigi Frozen Ice (100 cals)

Total – 1,374 calories

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