Where does the time go?

I haven’t been able to post nearly as much as I would like.

Which is a shame considering everything that’s going on (not to mention the random epiphanies I’ve experienced over the past week or so).  I hope to have some time Sunday while I’m recuperating from my first OCR to actually write a few posts.  This is a time during our journey that I certainly want to remember.

I’m exhausted,  but there was no way I was missing a weigh-in.   Still watching that number go down so that makes me super happy.  Just a little farther until I can say adios to the 200’s.

2014-09-24 06.50.07


Oh, what amazing times these are.

Originally I had planned to post my favorite pictures from the past week.

Then they all inserted sideways and my brain is too tired to figure out how to fix them.



Tomorrow,  instead of rambling incessantly, I’ll post nothing but pictures.


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