Well, I made it.  I’m in Philadelphia and I’m all stocked up with goodies from Whole Foods.  The first night was a success, even though I thought I might lose it for a second at the airport.

I’m talking about the plethora of restaurants when I landed, not the near panic attack I had about getting on a plane alone.

Moving on…

The flight was uneventful, except for the book that I’m reading, but more on that later this week once I finish it.  I didn’t check any luggage (SCORE!) so I went straight to the shuttle for the rental car company and into my Elantra (not impressed, btw).  The hotel is pretty ho hum, but it’s a Springhill so that means Marriott points which means I’m happy.  The Whole Foods is about three quarters of a mile away so I just walked there and back and now I’m settled in and ready for bed.

I’m pretty exhausted because I:

  • worked half a day
  • flew to Philly
  • walked a mile and a half to and from WF (with a 12 pack of water strapped to my back on the return trip
  • worked out on the elliptical when I got back to the hotel

I had this whole big plan of writing about great ways to stay away from dining out while traveling, but that turned into “Stay near a grocery and get a room with a fridge and microwave.”



Not really rocket science there.

I don’t really have a tip for today, but I can finally confirm that only traveling with a carry on is amazing.  I’m going to do my absolute best to never check luggage again.  It was so awesome to walk straight to the gate and board the plane and then straight to the shuttle without having to deal with baggage claim.  I wasn’t too thrilled with my new bag and my carry on has a broken handle so it was still minorly annoying, but nothing like when we have to check luggage.  The next time I fly, I’m definitely trying out my Terra pack.  I didn’t think it was really cut out for a business trip though.

Overall, not too much to report.  Tomorrow I plan on riding over to Valley Forge Park so I can get a run in while I’m here.  I’ll try to remember to take lots of pictures!


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