I’m pretty sure this is the first time that I have ever been elated about a gain.


I was positively thrilled to see 224 on the scale this morning.  As many of you know I had a pretty terrible week last week.  I saw as much as a 6 pound gain!  I just knew this morning was going to be terrible.  I worked really hard the last three days to try and correct my bad behavior and I was so happy to see that it worked out quite well in the end.  Only a one pound(ish) gain!  It does bum me out a little that I’m slightly over my goal weight for the week, but I feel confident that I can catch up this week. Especially since we decided to make it “No Restaurant September.”

It feels terrific to be back in the gym.  I hadn’t realized just how much I missed it until we went back yesterday.  There’s just something amazing about working out in the middle of the day.  It gives me that much needed energy boost that helps me beat the 2PM slump.  Plus, it’s awesome to get home at 4:30 and know that I have the rest of the night to do what I want homework.

Two random observations for the day:


I think it’s time to order a ring guard.  I really want to wait until I’m closer to goal before I get it sized.

2014-09-03 21.09.38_resized_1


It feels pointless to walk when I don’t have my FitBit.

Yes, I know that’s terrible.  Yes, I walk anyway.  No, I’m not a fitness tracker douche. (Ok, maybe I am a little – but I can’t help it!  That little thing is pretty cool).

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