Well, today will make my third time trying physical therapy.  Something about that being a charm or something, right?


This person seems to think it’s a back issue since the pain in my leg still hasn’t fully resolved.

We’ll see.

Overall, things are still going ok.  I’m not back to the point where I want to be just yet, but I’m getting there.  I had a pretty good sized revelation that I think is going to be interesting.

Turns out…I hate the gym.

I don’t hate working out (I’m still REALLY enjoying the trainer) but there’s just something about the gym that I don’t actually enjoy.  Going here and there out of necessity is one thing, but depending on it for my workouts actually causes some really bad anxiety.  I have a theory that the elliptical may be one of my main issues.  I met Kelsey at the gym Saturday morning and, since I got there a little early, I hopped on the Arc Trainer instead of the elliptical. I was perfectly fine for the first 12 minutes, but about 5 minutes into my workout with her on the elliptical my leg began to ache and it just got worse from there.

When the thought, “I truly hate the gym” first hit me I was overwhelmed with negative thoughts.  Was this just going to be one more reason to “fail?”


I immediately started listing all the positives of putting my primary focus on a home routine and soon I was getting excited about the next week!  I knew my biggest issue would be the “guilt” of not working out with Cliff or Kelsey anymore.  So, instead of stretching it out and worrying about it – I told them right away.

It was actually really hard to say.  Accepting that I’m not any more responsible for their schedule and preferences than they are of mine was oddly difficult.  I knew if either of them were to ever come to me and tell me, “Hey – this isn’t working for me anymore so I’m going to try X” I would be nothing but supportive.

Fortunately, I have an amazing husband and friends who afforded me the same response.

With the exception of squats (which have been temporarily removed from my workout while I’m in therapy) my home and training workouts don’t seem to bother me at all – or, at least, very little.  I’m going to be working with my therapist and my trainer today to come up with a dedicated home workout and see how that goes.  Fingers crossed!

Food has been…meh.  We’ve stuck to the no restaurants, no soda, and no alcohol, but my calorie count has been higher than I would like.

On a brighter note – we did reach a new level of nerd.  Well, my husband did.


Outside of diet and fitness reports, the rest of life seems to be moving along at a rapid (but enjoyable) pace.  I signed up for a course at the University of Louisville to start working towards my PMP.  The course is 16 weeks long and meets for 3 hours every Thursday.  At the end I’ll receive a certification in Project Management so that’s really exciting!

We also made huge progress on our basement.  I started working from home on Mondays so it just made sense to set up a legit home office.

Yes, I spent far more time setting up my decor than the actual office equipment.

I also made my second Instant Pot meal (technically, I made my second and third…only the second survived).

Yes, there is actually a roast in there.

I never claimed to be a photographer, but I assure you the flavor of the pot roast was about 1,000 times better than the picture.  It was also my first time using fresh rosemary and thyme.  Needless to say, I’ll be doing that more often from now on.  I made it 34 years thinking dried seasonings were the best thing ever.


This week is going to be super busy.  Physical therapy, training session, first PMP course, haircut, and then our annual Valentine’s Day tradition of going to Nashville for brunch.  I’m looking forward to the one and only restaurant allowance during our challenge.  We rented a house from AirBnB so we can make sure and cook all our other meals fairly easily.  This marks Year #7 for our little getaway (would be 8 had we not been trapped by an ice storm one year).  It looks like it might even be warm enough to take the bikes!  🙂