Month: January 2016

Week 3 Review

I think the subheadings are here to stay.  Mostly because it makes for easy reading, but also easy writing – which is needed to save time now that Cliff and I have started playing another MMO.

I know, I know!  But I swear it won’t be like last time!

Well, not exactly like it.

Basically, what I’m saying is that all of my weekends and any spare time after work, exercise, and school will be dedicated to the sweet, sweet sound of FFXIV.

But that’s IT.  No other times. I have to draw the line somewhere.

This Week’s Weigh-In



*I forgot my FitBit one day this week, but I still walked and I’m sure I was well over my goal of 8,000 steps/day.

I’m pretty pumped about all that.

I’m really thrilled with how I did this week. Not a single day over 2,000 calories and that included two 3-day weekends!  We had a pretty awful snow storm pass through early Friday and Cliff and I decided to stay home.

This Week’s Project

We finished up the gym last week, so the next logical step was setting up the craft room/office/sitting area in the other half of the gym.

This is how it looked when we moved everything down from upstairs.

IMG_1421This is how it looked once we got everything into one area that actually belonged there and adding a second bookcase.



Since that time, we’ve added another table for the computer and Cliff took another bookcase from upstairs and made me a nice little reading area.

This week’s project is to finish unpacking EVERYTHING.  Wish me luck.

This Week’s Cuteness Overload


Super Hero.  Duh.

I had to make a collage of cuteness this week.

Note:  Baby's first selfie.
Note: Baby’s first selfie.

This Week’s Quote

Kelsey is on a role!
Kelsey is on a role!


Next Week’s Plan

I just got home from the doctor.  My leg has been giving me problems for months now and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I’ve been told to lay off working out for a few days, on top of a round of steroids.


I did ask if I could walk and was told that should be fine as long as I don’t overdo it.  So, since the interval training worked out so well last week (as did my spin bike!) I decided to look for walking intervals that I can do at lunch and this one looks to be about perfect.



I didn’t get a chance to prep anything fancy this week so it’s frozen meal and fruit week.  Today worked out since I needed something really quick.  My goal is to eat an apple every single day – can’t have too much fiber. 😉

My other goal is to not eat everything else in sight.

More luck please.

This Week’s Completely Random Thing

Snapped this shot on the way to work this morning.  Hello Moon.

IMG_1411And with that I have fulfilled my January goal!  Be on the lookout for a brand new HouseBailey!



Week 2 Review

I think once a week is my sweet spot.  This is the third week in a row that I’ve actually looked forward to writing a blog post and even took the time to draw up an outline!

This week even has subheadings!  Did you hear me?  SUB.HEADINGS!

First things first, let’s get the bad news out of the weigh.  (Like what I did there?)

This Week’s Weigh-In

Week2Weighin Week2Avg

While I know I didn’t do great this week, I certainly didn’t think I did bad enough for a pound and a half gain.  I’m truly thankful that I’ve gotten back into the habit of notating everything I’m doing or else I would’ve been pretty upset.  Now I can at least look back and see that, for the most part, I’m doing what I should be doing.  This week I’m going to just accept that it happened and be happy that I’m still two pounds ahead of where I need to be to hit goal.

Moving on.

This Week’s Project

Most of our weeks have numerous projects, but I’m trying to narrow that down in order to preserve my our sanity.  This week our primary goals were to:

  • Put together the spin bike
  • Setup the music room
  • Deep clean the bedroom
  • Finish the gym

I am happy to report that we checked off every item on our list and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  I LOVE our basement now.

Well, 75% of it, but that’s another project for another day.

What a great find on Amazon!  Only $230.
What a great find on Amazon! Only $230.
Yes, Yoda moved.
Yes, Yoda moved.

I failed to get a picture of the music room mainly because there’s not much to see except for a bunch or wires and a drum set.  Once our music posters and such are back on the wall I will be happy to share.

This Week’s Cuteness Overload

I got this:


Because this dude is obviously going to be a Super Hero.


This Week’s Quote

Thanks Kelsey!
Thanks Kelsey!

Next Week’s Plan

My company moved into a new building and tomorrow is our first day.  In case I haven’t mentioned it, there’s a VERY important amenity to this new building.

They have a gym.

A perfect gym.

A small, empty gym, with seemingly brand new equipment and a shower.  That’s all I need. Cliff has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I won’t get to start my plan until Wednesday.  Cliff will be joining the gym right across the street from his office and we’re going to start going during lunch.

I think this elliptical interval setup would be the perfect amount of time.


My goal is going to be five days a week and doubles on two of those days.  The gym being in the building frees up a ton of time for us.  We’re shooting for a schedule of 7-4, but ask me again at 5:30 tomorrow if we’re still doing it.

Guess who meal prepped, what what?!  ( know, for a fact, that I’m not the only one that gets that pumped over meal prepping  – don’t play).

FoodPrepI made pork carnita burrito bowls for lunch next week.  Each bowl consists of homemade pork, one cup of brown rice, 1/4 cup chili beans, 1/4 cup Colby shred, and my copy-cat version of Qdoba’s corn salsa.  Add about half of the mini guacamole bowls and you’ve got yourself a pretty good meal.  I’m trying to eat more earlier in the day and less in the evening.  This bowl rounds out to about 650 calories, which is almost exactly where I want my lunch to be.  I want to consume about 1,000 of my 1,660 calories prior to dinner, so this will definitely help me reach that number.

This Week’s Completely Random Thing

Cliff and I are no longer on Facebook and I find myself at a complete lost as to what happened on which day.  Instead of giving in and going back, I decided to start journaling again, only this time several times throughout the day.  Initially I thought it would be far more time consuming for me to keep up; however, I’ve found that taking the time to jot down a few thoughts throughout the day is still MUCH less time than what I was spending on FaceBook.

I’ve really loved how its turned out so far.  I took some of favorite pictures and quotes and turned them into stickers and covered the front pages.

See that 189 in the bottom left corner? I miss that number.

Well, that’s all I have until next time.  Stay tuned to see if I actually hit my first monthly goal of posting every week.

(Spoiler Alert – The reward I get is a new blog layout.  I work so much better on a reward system).



Week 1 Review

I am proud to report that Week 1 was an outstanding success.  My plan was to just focus on getting some of my old habits back.  I made it to the gym three times, had zero binges, and came in under the net calorie threshold that I need to meet my weight loss goals.

I lost almost six pounds this week!  It would be so great if every week could be like that but, alas, I highly doubt I’ll see a loss that big for the rest of the year.  Even though I know losses like that aren’t typical, it’s really nice to see one upfront so that the momentum lasts more than a week.


So, for each weekly review I plan to notate my 7-day averages for the following categories:

  • Total Daily Calories
  • Net Calories (average after factoring in exercise)
  • Steps

Hopefully, one day I’ll get back to running and then I’ll add my running stats into the mix.


This past week was all about baby steps (edit: Ha!  Both literally and metaphorically, it turns out!).  Just getting back into the routine of eating healthy and working out can be pretty intimidating.  For me, the trick to getting back on and staying on for as long as possible has always been allowing myself a higher rate of “failure” for the first couple weeks.  So I didn’t make it to the gym five times, but I DID make it three.  So I went over my calories on two days, but at least it wasn’t a binge or all seven days!  These little allowances give me the opportunity to focus on the positive changes I made this week rather than what I didn’t do right.

The week itself was pretty busy.  Very close friends of ours welcomed their son, Caden, into the world this weekend.  He is just amazing!  Definitely smitten with that little dude right away and I just know we’re going to be good buddies!


Saturday was also my Mother-in-Law’s (or better known as “Madre”) birthday.

This meant fried tacos.

And pie.

And cake.


Luckily for me, I thought the cake was terrible.  Unluckily for me, that just meant half of another piece of pie.

Sunday was the last football game of the season for Viking fans.  Also known as “The day my husband’s heart got ripped from his chest.”    That was a brutal, brutal ending to the season, and a perfect of example of just why I can’t let myself get emotionally involved with a professional sports team.  That would have ruined my entire week.

On a more fun note:

Fun Remmi

We’re expanding our home gym quite a bit and got about half of it finished this week as well.


Yes, that is a Yoda in a tutu.

Week 2 is under way and Day 1 was a little of a shaky start.  I’m over my calories for the day and only got a little over 3,000 steps in and no workout.  I’m not worried about it, but I don’t plan on making it a habit.  I’m just happy all the calories I took in today were “good” calories and not junk.

This week is shaping up to be a relaxing, yet productive, week – my favorite!  We’re hoping to finish Cliff’s recording/music room and the gym in the basement.  We also have a three day weekend ahead of us!  Hopefully, I won’t procrastinate on my homework too terribly much and could spend my entire weekend relaxing…

That probably won’t happen, but a girl can dream.