Month: April 2015

Days 21-27/30

It’s just too difficult to post every single day, especially when your life it pretty much the same thing every day – which I love! – but doesn’t always make for the most entertaining of things to read.

This past week was terrific!  I was able to get in three classes at the Y with some of my favorite ladies, I did ALL of my scheduled runs, and purchased my first size SMALL!


I hate Tuesdays until about 5:15.

5:15 on Tuesday = Barre class with Whitney (and sometimes Kimbo!) and it has rapidly become one my favorite workouts.  It burns sooooooo good.  My legs feel like jello by the time I leave, but I love it.

Other than that Tuesday was pretty uneventful.

Day 21 Activity:

  • Barre – 45 minutes

Total burned – 350 calories

Day 21 Food:

  • Breakfast – Shakeo (195 cals)
  • AM snack – Chai banana smoothie sample (125 cals) more on this amazing beverage soon, I’m sure it’s all bad and I just don’t care
  • Lunch – Chicken Tortilla soup w/ wheat saltines (400 cals)
  • PM snack – 4 wheat saltines w/ almond butter (155 cals)
  • Dinner – Turkey sausage omelette w/ wheat toast (552 cals)
  • Dessert – Luigi’s Italian Ice (100cals)

Total –1,527 calories


Weigh in day!


I’m super pumped that I had a loss this week (no matter how small)!  I’m very proud of how we handled Thunder Over Louisville and it was nice to see hard work rewarded.  Plus, I knew the loss would slow down after the first couple weeks so I kind of expected this.  It’s still a 10.6 pound loss since April 1st, so I’ll take it!

Wednesday wound up being an impromptu rest day because Cliff had a doctor’s appointment after work that wound up taking much longer than we anticipated.  I decided it was just easier to move my weights to Thursday instead of trying to squeeze it in.  Luckily, I was still able to keep my food in check, which seems so much harder on days that I don’t exercise.  I guess I feel like if I put that much effort into working out I’m less inclined to ruin it with a Snickers.

Who knows?

Day 22 Activity:

  • Rest day

Total burned – 0

Day 22 Food:

  • Breakfast – Shakeo (195 cals)
  • AM snack – Simply Naked Pita chips w/ TJ’s corn salsa (198 cals)
  • Lunch – Shakeo (195 cals)
  • PM snack – 1.5 cups popcorn w/ whole wheat cinnamon toast (170 cals)
  • Dinner – Omelette w/ wheat toast (467 cals) – I should really invest in eggs…
  • Dessert – nothing

Total –1,225 calories


Thursday was super busy but lots of fun!  Lauren and I got our weekly run in at the bridge (and went the full 3 miles!)  Much needed Lauren time was had on Thursday.

(Fun sidenote)

Lauren and her boyfriend, Ben, ran the Kentucky Derby Minimarathon this past weekend!  Despite torrential downpours and threats of hail, they powered through and finished in 3:12!  It was actually Ben’s first half-marathon and actually accompanied Lauren at the last minute when her running partner had to pull out.  I am super proud of both of them and hope to join them next year!


I thought they might be ready for some carbs after the race. 🙂

After work we went home, I got in my second workout of the day, and then we had dinner.

I have discovered that a potato is nature’s hot dog.

You can put anything on a potato (like turkey chili and hot habanero cheese) and it’s stupendous.

This makes me VERY happy because I miss hot dogs.  So, so badly.  🙁

After dinner we had several errands to run and wound up not getting home until 9.  Which, as most of you know, is almost past my bedtime.

Day 23 Activity:

  • 3 miles w/ Lauren
  • Pump and Burn (30 minutes)

Total burned – 628 calories

Day 23 Food:

  • Breakfast – Shakeo (195 cals)
  • AM snack – 1/8 cup M&M chocolate eggs (105 cals)
  • Lunch – Chicken Corn Chowder w wheat saltines (312 cals)
  • PM snack – Yasso Sea Salt Caramel Greek Yogurt Bar (100 cals)
  • Dinner – Baked potato with turkey chili, habanero cheese, onion, and pickle (560 cals)
  • Dessert – Yasso Sea Salt Caramel Greek Yogurt Bar (100 cals)

Total –1,372 calories


Friday was awesome because I accompanied my friend, Kelsey, to her first exercise class EVER!  We went down to the YMCA on our lunch break and took a Pump class.  I am happy to report that she kicked total ass (as if there were ever any doubt) and hung with it until the very end.  I am so, incredibly, excited for her!   Both her and her husband recently started on the journey to a healthier lifestyle and they are doing an amazing job.  I’m beyond honored that I got to accompany her to her first class (AND her second – but we’ll get there).

Unfortunately, the rest of the day was not as great as the first half.  Traffic was horrible after work.  No matter where we went – deadlock.

Almost TWO HOURS later (we did have one tiny errand to run, but it was on the way and only took about 15 minutes) we finally pulled up at home.

The rest of the evening was spent on finishing up Lauren’s bag, dinner, and Trailer Park Boys.

Day 24 Activity:

  • Pump class w/ Kelsey (60 minutes)

Total burned – 460calories

Day 24 Food:

  • Breakfast – Chai Banana Smoothie (250 cals) I can already tell this is going to be a problem
  • AM snack – Shakeo (195cals)
  • Lunch – Chicken Corn Chowder w wheat saltines (320 cals)
  • PM snack – White cheddar popcorn – 1 cup (91 cals)
  • Dinner – Seared chicken breast with baked potato, carrots, and green beans (761 cals)
  • Dessert – nothing

Total –1,617 calories


Saturday was pretty spectacular.

Kelsey and I had been planning to go to the Northeast YMCA for a new class called HydroCycle, which is basically a spin class in the pool.

Needless to say, she didn’t have to ask me twice.

But before class I knew I had to get my run in or I would risk being dead on my feet afterwards and there was no way I was skipping it.  I’ve found a perfect 3 mile loop through my neighborhood and I LOVE it!  Mile 2 sucks pretty bad because of the hills, but I’ve finally learned that the hills are what will make me stronger and I do my best to embrace that and get up them as fast as possible.

I snapped a quick (and blurry) selfie to show Lauren that, while it wasn’t exactly 13.1, I was running in the rain in her honor.

20150425_075719Immediately after my run, I threw on my swim clothes and sweats and headed out to meet Kelsey for class at 9.  We were warned to get there closer to 8:30 because the class fills up fast.  So glad we did!

Also glad we thought ahead to invest in water shoes.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like without them.

20150423_184353_resizedI see LOTS of these classes in our future!  It was WONDERFUL.  I loved every single thing about it and can’t wait to go back.  Unfortunately, they’re not having one this week because of the Kentucky Derby.  🙁

Kelsey simply amazed me.  She had just gone to her first class ever the day prior and here she was, first thing in the morning, at her second class and working just as hard!   This woman is going to do some amazing things and I can’t wait to watch!


I had, originally, planned on surprising Lauren and Ben at the finish line, but I never got any text alerts telling me her splits and estimated finish time.  I was afraid that she had decided against it due to the weather.  Of course, as soon as I pull into the driveway I get an alert that she finished (I didn’t get her start time and 10K split time until over an hour later).

So, instead, Cliff and I decided to ride over and drop off their goodies before heading out to get Clifford some (MUCH NEEDED!!!!!!) new clothes.  He’s been wearing clothes that are two sizes too big and shoes with holes in them for quite some time now.  He now owns more shoes than he’s ever owned at one time and I couldn’t be happier.

The amount of handsome is overwhelming at times.

St. James - Cliff

The rest of Saturday was spent gaming and binge watcing Netflix.

There aren’t many better ways to spend a Saturday night.

Day 25 Activity:

  • HydroCycle class w/ Kelsey (60 minutes)
  • 3 miles (neighborhood loop)

Total burned – 1,023 calories (holy crap!  That might be the highest burn I’ve ever gotten)

Day 25 Food:

  • Breakfast – Shakeo (195 cals)
  • AM snack – Skinny Pop – 2 cups (78 cals)
  • Lunch – 3 egg Omelette w/ wheat toast (548 cals)
  • PM snack – Pineapples, grapes, cheese, lite coolwhip (267 cals)
  • Dinner – Homemade flatbread pizza on Whole Wheat Roll-ups by Bake Sense (I love these things!!) (545 cals)
  • Dessert – Wheat cinnamon bread w/ almond butter (260 cals)

Total –1,815 calories


Sunday was dedicated to my amazing friend Ash-Face (or Ashley to other people).  We started off at the Outlets and had really good luck!  Every outfit I bought was a skirt or a dress…I’m not sure how that happened.

For lunch Ashley requested that we go to Ramsi’s Cafe on the World and I was happy to oblige.

Perfectly cooked salmon on a bed of mashed potatoes with a red pepper sauce.  Sauteed veggies on the side.

Literally, awesomesauce.


After lunch we decided to ride over to the mall to continue our quest for a very specific and special item (to be revealed at a later date) and hit pay dirt.

It was such a wonderful day.  The weather was terrific, we found everything on the list, and, most importantly, I got to spend several uninterrupted hours with Ashley.  I went from seeing her every single day to only a few times a year and it sucks.  Hardcore.  I hope that we can find a zumba class (or something similar) that’s halfway between us (she lives about 45 minutes to an hour away, depending on traffic – which there is always a ton of).  That would be SO much fun!


Day 26 Activity:

  • Rest Day! (but we did A LOT of walking)

Day 26 Food:

  • Breakfast – Shakeo (195 cals)
  • AM snack – nothing
  • Lunch – Salmon Sonesta (~617 cals)
  • PM snack – Wheat Cinnamon bread with almond butter and currants spinkled on top (300 cals)
  • Dinner – full from late lunch – nothing
  • Dessert – Frozen yogurt bar (100 cals)

Total –1,395 calories

There’s really nothing to report for Monday, just weights and then class.  However, I think I’m going to have a pretty exciting report tomorrow!  (with the exception of my weigh-in – I can almost guarantee that I’ll be up from the 187.  Tune in tomorrow to see why it doesn’t phase me in the slightest).

Until next time, here’s some serious cuteness.

What's a "plank" Mom?
What’s a “plank” Mom?







Days 16-20/30

Man, it’s been a super busy week!


Nothing too spectacular happened on Thursday except for a busy day at work, car maintenance, and a trip to the grocery store.

You don’t want to read about routine car maintenance, right?

Thought so.

Day 16 Activity:

  • Hard Core Abs (15 minutes)
  • Yoga (30 minutes)

Total burned – 154 calories

Day 16 Food:

  • Breakfast – English Muffin with Barney Butter and jam (305 cals)
  • AM snack – Caramel Latte with almond milk and stevia (145 cals)
  • Lunch – Chef Salad (327 cals)
  • PM snack – 3 dill pickles (5 cals)
  • Dinner –Omelet and toast (555 cals)
  • Dessert – Grapes with cheese and lite cool whip (192 cals)

Total –1,529 calories


Friday was slightly more eventful.

We forgot our food for Thunder so we had to run home during lunch and pick it up so we would have healthy snacks for the festivities. Our other option would have been eating everything in sight at the Chow Wagon.

Yes…here in Kentucky we kick off grand festivals with rows of fair food vendors as far as the eye can see.

After work we decided to go hang out at a friend’s house (the “trigger” house that I’ve mentioned before) and I’m happy to report that I only took 3 pieces of candy from the candy jar!

We didn’t stay out too terribly late since I had a long run Saturday morning.

So…like I said…it was only slightly more eventful.

Day 17 Activity:

  • Pump and Burn (30 minutes)

Total burned – 234 calories

Day 17 Food:

  • Breakfast – Whole wheat cinnamon bread (2) and almond butter (250 cals)
  • AM snack – Grapes and cheese (212 cals)
  • Lunch – Breakfast Sammie with avocado (285 cals)
  • PM snack – Popcorn and 6 wheat saltines with peanut butter (192 cals)
  • Dinner –Chef salad (327 cals)
  • Dessert – Candy (3 pcs) cinnamon bread and peanut butter (310 cals)

Total –1,576 calories


Saturday was WAY more eventful.

It started off with a long run with my friend, Whitney, at Beckley Creek Park. It was the perfect morning. The weather was terrific and the park was buzzing with activity. We originally planned to do four miles, with a trail thrown in somewhere, but I knew that was a lofty goal with how my leg had been feeling lately. Instead we wound up running about 2.5 miles (with a mile of that on a trail) and then walking the last mile and a half. Even though our time wasn’t great, I’m really happy about just finishing the four miles.

Our first trail run was a success and I can’t wait to do more!

Look at all the turtles!


After our run, Whitney took me to the kayak/canoe launch area but they didn’t have any out.   I’ve always wanted to try kayaking, but I’ve never even sat in one. I don’t know that I’ve even been near one. Is that required?

Also…perhaps I should learn to swim first?

After a fun-filled morning consisting of loads of exercise (I had Pump and Burn on the schedule after my run) I thought it best to walk 10,000 steps at Thunder over Louisville!

We bought tickets to the Kentucky Center for Thunder this year and I have decided that it is the ONLY way to do this event.

We got down to the riverfront around 2:30 and pulled right into the Center parking garage ($20 event parking, but totally worth it). The air show started at 3, but honestly we spent most of the time in Cliff’s office watching Trailer Park Boys. I still have moments of hermit-ness (or whatever the word is for someone who still struggles with being socially awkward and decides to hole up with Netflix versus facing a gigantic crowd).

We did wind up venturing out into the amazing day to meet up with a friend of ours, Janae, and her group of peeps.   I’m so glad this chick is my buddy. She’s super supportive and great to talk to. She gets my need for planning. There are very few people that get that, so it’s much appreciated. 🙂


As we were walking back from talking to them we were trying to take a picture in front of one of the pillars at the Belvedere and some nice woman offered to take it for us.

The difference from our last Thunder picture makes me happy.


This one might be my all-time favorite picture of us.


We invited some friends to join us and they got there around 6. After dropping off everyone’s stuff in the office we decided to walk down to the river and walk around. We took off on an adventure to find Casey’s sister in the crowd of 500,000 people or so, which was actually a lot of fun, but also turned out to be just a lot of walking through the chow wagon.   We couldn’t get through to her because the phone lines seemed to be jammed. Instead we just kind of wound our way through the crowd and people watched. It was awesome.

On our stroll Cliff and I decided to indulge in two things from the vendors. The first was a red velvet funnel cake and the second was a corn dog. We shared the funnel cake with everyone and split the corn dog between us. All in all, I would say we made out really well considering how bad it could have been. (Think lemon shakers, deep fried Oreos, ice cream galore, etc).

We ended up on the other side of River Front Park where another group of our friends had posted up for the night. We stopped and hung out with them for a while (and might have tried a “few” jello shots) before heading back to the Kentucky Center for the fireworks.

I did, finally, get to formerly meet Tiffany (yes, ANOTHER friend named Tiffany!). She is the BEST hostess!


10,000 steps later we were back to the Kentucky Center and had a little time to kill. We went back to Cliff’s office for some fruit and a few drinks and then made our way outside to find a decent place to see the fireworks.

**Note to self – don’t wait until the last minute next year or, better yet, just walk to the River Front for the fireworks**

The view wasn’t terrific, but was still pretty great.   The show was pretty stellar and the soundtrack was awesomely awkward.

The company was definitely what made it so amazing. We had such a great time! Bo, Casey, Kelsey, and Scott – we will definitely have to do this again next year!

20150418_214310_resized 20150418_214309_resized 20150418_214307_resized 20150418_195743_resized 20150418_192743_resized 20150418_171526_resized 20150418_162908_resized 2015-04-18 23.06.47_resized

I should probably leave out the part about going to IHOP at 2AM.

(At least I got a healthy”ish” meal amd burned off half the calories with laughter!)

Day 18 Activity:

  • 4 miles walk/run @ 17 min. pace
  • Hard Core Abs (15 minutes)
  • Yoga (30 minutes)
  • At least 10,000 additional steps at Thunder according to Kelsey’s Fitbit – but I’m not “officially” counting it as exercise

Total burned – 827 calories

Day 18 Food:

  • Breakfast – Shakeo after the run (180 cals)
  • AM snack – Tbsp of White Chocolate Wonderful before my run (90 cals)
  • Lunch – ½ fair corndog (~375 cals) ¼ funnel cake (~190)
  • PM snack – grapes and pineapple with fruit dip throughout the day (363 cals)
  • Dinner – Simple and Fit Blueberry Harvest and Grain Combo with eggs whites and turkey bacon from IHOP (500 cals)
  • Dessert – 7 jello shots (350 cals)

Total –2,048 calories

(with exercise I still managed to stay under my calories for the day!)


Sunday was a super relaxing day (for the most part). We slept in until almost 11AM – that hasn’t happened in years! (We didn’t to bed until well after 3AM) We had plans to meet friends of ours for brunch (which, obviously, would now just be “lunch”) so we got ready super quick and headed out.

Wild Eggs is probably my favorite restaurant and, might possibly, serve my favorite meal. It’s called Kalamity Katie’s Border Benedict.

And it’s amazing.

I get so excited about it that I forget to take a picture of it

Every. Single. Time. And trust me. It’s a lot of times.

So, thank you random Urbanspoon enthusiast for providing a terrific shot of this glorious meal.


(I got wheat toast instead of the muffin and grits of the day instead of the fried potatoes – but this is how I would normally eat it)

Needless to say, my food (and drink) decisions, while not horrible, were definitely not what my tummy is used to. We spend the majority of the day playing video games, but I spent most of Sunday night pretty sick to my stomach. I’m definitely happy that I was able to rein it in as much as I did or I can only imagine how bad it would have been.

Day 19 Activity:

Much needed rest day

Day 19 Food:

  • “Brunch” – Kalamity Katie’s Border Benedict (~678 cals)
  • AM snack – Nothing
  • PM snack – Popcorn (224 cals)
  • Dinner –Shakeo (195 cals)

Total –1,097 calories


After my stomach finally calmed down I had my first pain-free run in weeks! Super slow, but managed to maintain a 9/1 walk/run ratio, so I’m really happy with it.

Quantitative Methods class.

That is all.

Day 20 Activity:

  • 3 miles @ 15:06 min. pace
  • Pump and Burn (30 minutes)

Total burned – 713 calories

Day 20 Food:

  • Breakfast – Shakeo (195 cals – by the way, the extra calories are coming from the unsweetened chocolate almond milk that I’ve been getting – totally worth the extra 15 calories!)
  • AM snack – nothing
  • Lunch – Shakeo (195 cals)
  • PM snack – nothing
  • Dinner – Homemade chicken salad with woven wheat crackers from Whole Foods (520 cals)
  • Dessert – Fruit cocktail and popcorn (237 cals)

Total –1,272 calories









Day 15/30

Of course you already know that yesterday started off pretty great.  Luckily, the trend continued throughout the rest of the day.  It was coffee Wednesday and I decided to try a new drink. I was feeling super adventurous so I went with the Salted Caramel Latte with almond milk.  Good stuff.

Halfway there!  Even though I’ve had to move things around or slow down/remove mileage due to pain, I haven’t skipped a single workout so far.


This week has been really busy at work, but I was able to break away for a run with my good buddy, Lauren, during lunch yesterday.  I was ridiculously nervous about how my leg was going to feel and had already made up my mind that if it hurt at all I would stop.  We met at the pedestrian bridge across the Ohio about Noon and took off (that place will never get old as a running spot – ever). My leg felt pretty great the whole time, even after barre and spin the night before!  Ironically enough, we got through the first mile and my abs (well – the area in which I hope to one day have abs) felt like they were on fire.  I figured that, taking this month’s extensive workout routine into consideration, I could just walk/jog the rest of the way.  I’m really fortunate to have such understanding and flexible friends.  Lauren was just fine toning down the rest of the journey.  We wound up going 2.7 miles and I feel much better about both the leg and my running fitness level.  I think I’ll be in a really good place by the time half-marathon training officially starts.  Hopefully, I can talk Lauren into continuing to meet there once a week for as long as possible.

I never thought I would enjoy running/working out with people A) because I’ve always been kind of a loner, not a ton of friends and B) because I’ve always been extremely self-conscious about running/working out (I.E. “bouncing”) in front of people.  I’m so glad that I (seem to) have gotten over both of those issues.  I’ve gotten to know some terrific people (and gotten to know people I already knew even better) and now I can’t imagine my life without them. It makes me sad to think that I could have missed out on that just a couple of years ago.

Speaking of one of those terrific people!  Lauren and I forgot to take a post-run selfie (yes, I am one of those people and I’m cool with that) but she just recently had a great shot done of her so I thought it would be fun to just share our “Look at me!   I totes have an important career!” pics


After work I also had 30 minutes of weights on the schedule.  I kept the 10 pound weights on for the entire workout!  The only workout that I couldn’t finish was chest/arms.  I have zero very little upper body strength so I always struggle there.  I made it through the whole workout with very little modification (I built my 1:30 plank into the ab workout at the end because I can’t do their move just yet, so it worked out).

I owe it all to my new T-shirt, courtesy of my buddy, Tim.

"Spot me Bro"

Day 15 Activity:

  • Run w/ Lauren (40 minutes)
  • Pump and Burn (30 minutes)

Total burned – 668 calories

Day 15 Food:

  • Breakfast – Chocolate Shakeo w/ banana (233 cals)
  • AM snack – Salted Caramel Latte w/ almond milk (~145 cals)
  • Lunch – Homestyle Light Chicken Corn Chowder w/ 6 wheat saltines (300 cals)
  • PM snackGrapes and extra sharp cheese (122 cals)
  • Dinner – Homemade spaghetti w/ meat sauce (half turkey/beef) and veggie noodles  (474 cals)
  • Dessert – Luigi Frozen Ice (100 cals)

Total – 1,374 calories