Month: December 2013

Day 132 – Leveling Out

**I somehow posted this as a new page last night.**

I had decided a few days ago to start weighing every morning until I leveled back out to pre-vacation/road trip/Thanksgiving weight.   None of the weigh-ins were official, I just felt like I needed a little oomph to get back on track.  Cliff was concerned that it would be demotivating, but I was determined to try it and see.

I am happy to report that I am back to 275 as of this morning.  It took me just a little over a week to get rid of the 5.2 pounds I had gained back.  I really think weighing in every morning was pretty helpful.  It made me work out when I didn’t want to and it made me more conscious of my calorie intake today (I had a rest day today because my knee has been bothering me).  I’m going to continue to weigh each morning, but continue to only use my weight on Tuesdays as my official weigh in for the week.

While Cliff was visiting his grandmother for her birthday I decided to go ahead and pack our lunch for tomorrow.  Due to the weather we were only able to grab a few things from the store on our way home Friday and we’ve been snowed in ever since (for the most part).  Lunch this week is going to require a bit of thought.  I think I’ll make a pot of soup one night to take and also start getting rid of the ton of frozen meals that I have in the freezer.  Since our microwave is on the fritz (again) I might as well use the advantage of having one at work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the store after my finals this week.

I did all of the laundry today and finished going through all of my clothes.

I have entirely too many t-shirts…

Day 132

These are only the t-shirts that currently fit or are just a shade too small (I love looking at goal clothes every day!).  My exercise clothes now have their own drawer in our room and I have moved all of my clothes that are now too big into the guest room.   Some of the shirts hanging up still have tags on them…

The one t-shirt that I can’t wait to wear is my t-shirt from a place called DJ’s in Daytona Beach.  We went there with my Mom and Dad while we were on vacation in Florida when Cliff and I got married.  I bought it as a goal shirt to wear when I lost the 20 or so pounds I had gained back at the time.

I put it on for the first time this weekend and teared up.  It’s a little snug for me, but I know Ashley would say, “You HAVE to start wearing clothes that fit you!”  I’m trying, I’m trying!

I’ll finally be back on my routine 100% starting tomorrow (if the weather holds up).  Work, gym, homework, sleep.  Just four more days and I will have put this semester behind me.  It’s been brutal.

I’m still hoping to reach my end of year goal which is 262, but it’s not looking good.  That’s a 13 pound loss in just 23(ish) days.  Not impossible, but not likely.  If I really, really push myself at the gym for the rest of the month I might pull it off, but we’ll see.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.” ~ Bruce Lee

Day 131 – I’m a Trooper!

Today has been a pretty lax day overall, but we made sure to start it with a trip to the gym.

Yes, we braved the snow and ice to get in a workout.  It looks like we’re well on our way to becoming fitness junkies.

Day 131-2

The roads really weren’t all that bad today.  Even though it never warmed up much, the snow melted pretty quickly.  There were definitely more people out than I thought there would be, which made me a little jumpy, but it wasn’t too terrible.

After the gym we came home and had lunch and then Ben came over so that he and Cliff could practice.  While they were downstairs I decided to go through all of my clothes and separate them into the following categories:

  • Way too big, but too sentimental to get rid of
  • Save for Cliff’s weight loss
  • Donations
  • Trash
  • Holy crap I forgot I bought that and am SOOOO happy I fit into it now!

I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe!  I had gotten so many t-shirts when I lost one hundred pounds the first time, but I didn’t keep the weight off long enough to enjoy very many of them.

That won’t be the case this time.

Hopefully, in a few months, I’ll be packing up the t-shirts that I’m wearing now.  My plan is to beg my grandmother to make me a quilt out of pieces of all of my old “fat” clothes once I reach my goal weight.  I hope she’s up to it, it’s going to be a big quilt!

While I was going through all my clothes, I decided to clean up our bedroom and our guest room.  I have my finals next week and after that I’m going to focus on cleaning my craft room and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to worry about organizing the rest of the upstairs just to make room for all the stuff that’s currently taking up the entire floor space in the craft room.  Sometimes I forget just how much wasted space we have in this house (it’s wasted because I’ve bought WAY too much crap over the years and it’s just filling up my rooms).  After the first of the year I’m going to completely finish the craft room and paint it.  I can’t wait to start working on all of the projects that I’ve been planning on for what seems like forever.  I think the first thing I’m going to make is the Smash book that I bought for our vacation this year.  I can’t believe that it’s already been seven months!  Can we say slacker?

The best moment of the day was when Cliff came across one of his old sweatshirts from when he weighed 660 pounds.  It used to be skin tight on him (the elbow is even ripped out of it because it was so tight and he wore it ALL. THE. TIME.)  Today he put it on and came downstairs and I was blown by how big it was on him.  Then I got a great idea…

Day 131

I climbed in the sweatshirt with him and made him take a picture!

Together we have lost 330 pounds over the past four years.  We’re over halfway to our goal of losing  600 pounds!  Sometimes it’s just so crazy to think that we were ever THAT big.  I mean, I get that we’re still “morbidly obese” but it’s nothing like it used to be.  It was definitely a motivating moment for both of us.

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?” ~ Henry Ford


Day 130 – Snow Day

Day 130

Our entire city is covered with a thick layer of ice with a few inches of snow on top of that.  Cliff and I were sent home early from

work and it took us over an hour to get home.  The roads are terrible and people are stupid.

It makes for a pretty treacherous world out there.

I had every intention of doing responsible stuff when I got home, but instead I got wrapped up in redesigning the blog for a couple of hours.  I really like this layout, especially the collage in the background that’s made up of pictures from the blog itself.  I also added a few travel reviews from my Trip Advisor account.  I’m going to work on adding all of my reviews over the course of the next few weeks.  We love to travel and I’ve been trying to make sure to do a review of every hotel we stay in and places we go to.  You would be amazed at the deals you can find and the service you get when you’re a senior reviewer for a big travel website.

Cliff and I managed to stop a Kroger on the way home and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they hadn’t sold out of milk and bread.  Since there weren’t many people there we decided to go ahead and get what we needed for the week before heading home.  You never know what can happen with Kentucky weather.

I haven’t eaten very well today, but I haven’t been terrible.  I haven’t snacked at all, but I had a pretty big lunch and dinner.  We decided to venture out into the freezing rain for Qdoba for lunch.

It wasn’t worth it.

I only ate about half of my naked burrito (everything that goes inside a burrito but without the ridiculous 210 calorie tortilla) but then I made up for that fact by eating half of an order of chips and queso as well.  It still wound up being about the same as if I would have just eaten the entire bowl of burrito filling, so I didn’t feel too terrible about it.

When we stopped at Kroger on the way home I found a New York strip steak on sale and grabbed it.  Cliff threw a potato in the oven while I was on the elliptical (I CANNOT WAIT TO GET BACK TO THE GYM! I HATE MY ELLIPTICAL!!!  Ok, I feel better now).  After I had finished working out he cooked the steak for me as well.

As usual, it was absolutely perfect.

Day 130-2

After dinner we settled into a bit of an anime zone.  I’m watching Full Metal Alchemist for the first time and, before I knew it, it was 10 o’clock.  It’s way past my bed time, but I think I’m going to stay up a little longer and do some gaming with Cliff.  It’s time to try and beat Diablo III on Nightmare mode!

“We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.”  ~William Glasser