Month: September 2013

Day 55 – Blame it on the Alcohol

Yeah, yeah I missed another day.  But this time I can blame it on the alcohol!

{Insert clip of Glee’s cover of “Blame it on the Alcohol” that doesn’t exist}

Today is going to be a nice relaxing day to recover from last night.  

Never. Drinking. Again. 


However, on a much better note I now have a buddy to drag along with me to see all the musicals that come to town.  I can’t wait for my next show at Whitney Hall.  Looks like it’s going to be The Book of Mormon.

Well I’m off to try and nurse this hangover and watch some football.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt 

Day 53 – Something has changed within me…

This is my super happy face. 

  • New job – Awesome
  • Worked out for 5 days in a row 
  • Up to 45 minutes on the elliptical
  • Went 7 WHOLE MILES on that beast
  • Got to see my best friend for an entire night
  • Ordered carrots and green beans in a restaurant and LOVED them
  • Fit into my Under Armour t-shirt that I bought last year as my first goal shirt
  • Husband – Awesome (as usual)

Life is pretty damned amazing right now.

Future Jodi – listen to me…

Keep going.  Do not stop.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  Don’t be afraid to dream big.  Don’t stop until you want to stop and don’t let anyone and I mean ANYONE slow you down.

“Something has changed within me.

 Something is not the same.
 I’m through with playing by the rules
 of someone else’s game.
 Too late for second-guessing –
 Too late to go back to sleep.
 It’s time to trust my instincts,
 close my eyes, and leap…”
~Defying Gravity (Wicked)

Day 52 – Hangin’ with the Bear

Today was yet another day that went off without a hitch.  Work, exercise, dinner cooked, and kitchen cleaned.  My mood has remained just off the charts fantastic.  I’m super excited to see my best friend tomorrow night, then it’s off to drink my cares away Saturday night and football on Sunday.  Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve completed 5 nights a week on the elliptical and I’m really looking forward to this milestone.

Not much to report tonight, just hanging out at home watching The Walking Dead and hanging out with the Bear.

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”
~Woodrow Wilson