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Still Going Strong

I’ve made it to the end of the week and I’m still going strong. This has been the longest streak I’ve had in months. Not a single slip-up.

My “cheat day” this week was having carbs after 3. Not too shabby considering this time last week I was living on a diet that consisted, primarily, of different varieties of donuts.

I’m now two sessions in with our personal trainer and it really seems to be the kick in the pants I needed. I’ve really enjoyed the structure and the fact that I don’t really have to put thought into it at all, just the physical effort. Having someone tell me exactly what to do and how to do it has made a HUGE difference.

A lot of my issues with working out have been related to my anxiety about either A) getting injured again or B) not actually working hard enough to burn anything off. Fortunately, my trainer takes care of all that for me! While I certainly don’t expect to use him long term, it’s really helped me to feel “safe” about pushing my workouts again.

Plus, it also helps that his gym is a pretty stellar place to work out.

*From BodyQuest website
*From BodyQuest website

Food has also been on point this week. I made sure to make, at least, one dinner I could warm up on evenings when we had several errands to run. This week I decided on another amazing recipe from the Skinnytaste website.

*From Skinnytaste website

The only modification I made was using bacon instead of the ham steak. While I’m aware it increased the calorie count, the bacon was already in my fridge and I was more concerned about carb content than calories anyway. It was sooooooo delicious! I had it for dinner several nights, but it would be perfect for any meal – especially a dish for a group breakfast/brunch. Next time I plan to cut the recipe in half since there’s no way I can finish a whole 9*13 dish.

Tomorrow I’m making her Sicilian Rice Ball Casserole to take for lunch this week. It’s grown to be one of my favorite meals! Even Cliff got in on the food prep action today and made a large batch of tuna salad and lots of extra hard-boiled eggs to snack on through the week.

We just set up our official home offices (I start working from home one day a week soon so we decided to set up legit work spaces) so it’s time to say farewell and nerd out until I can’t keep my eyes open.

Ready to see what Week 2 brings!

Day# Who Even Knows/Cares

So, I took a  four month hiatus.

Luckily, I have some amazing friends that reminded me that I have always done my best when I’m writing and sharing my journey.  Call it accountability, a cathartic release, or a spiritual awakening but whatever it is, it has served me well in the past.

So the last time I posted we were coming up on Cliff’s birthday and I had totally kicked April’s ass.

Well…I’ve done that a couple more times since then.  Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Completely lost it diet/exercise wise in Chicago.

Gained 20 pounds, lost it, gained it back (see below), and lost it again – and was down to 186.9 on August 1st.

I have since gained it again.


In my defense, there have been a few things causing the fluctuations.

**Warning, I MAY be about to drop a bomb on a few of you**

Cliff and I decided to begin IVF treatments back in May.  While we have definitely hit a few bumps in the road, we are currently on pace to do our transfer after my half-marathon in October.  The first thing we had to do was get my thyroid under control.  I’ve never had thyroid issues before and don’t really have issues now.  My levels are considered normal; however, the doctor wanted it slightly lower than it was just for the duration of the treatments.  I was put on a low dosage of Synthroid and even though it is normally supposed to help people lose weight it had the complete opposite effect on me.  For weeks I was anxious, starving, and just in a horrible mood (which led to even more emotional eating).

It got to the point that Cliff took the scale away from me and wouldn’t let me weigh for weeks.  We agreed to weigh once a month, which meant I didn’t weigh from the first week of July until August 1st.

And it worked!  I weighed my lowest weight (as an adult) on August 1st.  I was thrilled, elated, and just overwhelmingly happy.  I thought to myself, “This is the ticket!  I’ll just weigh once a month and then I don’t have to obsess over every little thing.”

Fast forward to August 15th.  Time to leave for vacation!  I was psyched!  I planned all my workouts, the resort had great running paths, and I was finally going to fulfill my dream of running along an ocean.

And I followed through with ALL OF IT…for days 1-6 of 8.

On Friday (Day 7) of our vacation I did my first real “long” run of 5 miles for my half training (BY THE OCEAN!!!!)  Not only that, but Cliff and I walked the 3 miles to and from a Jet Ski rental shop.  My end total for the day was 23,000 steps (equivalent to 11 miles per my FitBit).

So, I rewarded myself…with food and booze and a WICKED sunburn.

That turned into sun poisoning.

And lasted for 5 days.

And ended with a steroid shot and 10 days on prednisone.

Sooooooo, the last two days of our vacation were amazing, albeit a little hazy since I discovered vodka and tropical Red Bull…but also filled with some pretty terrible food choices.

I got the steroid shot yesterday and was immediately ravenous.  Blizzards AND ice cream cones might have happened.

I also stepped on the doctor’s scales while I was there.  I specifically closed my eyes and told the nurse not to tell me because I knew I would be a few pounds up.

I checked my email this morning and they had sent me a link to my patient portal.  Without thinking, I registered and went over what the doctor had put in my chart.

Which included my weight.

Which was 207.


So, a few things – I was fully clothed, including sneakers.  I have had a TON of sodium lately.  I have been super burned for days and retaining water like crazy.  So, while I know it isn’t a real 20 pound gain – it was still a lot for my brain to handle first thing in the morning.

<By the way, I stepped on MY scale this morning and was already back down to 200.1, so I’m just gonna go with that>

I do know that I do so much better when I’m writing about our journey, so I’m going to try and be better about that.  While I am frustrated with my weight, this year has still been one of the best years of my life.  I definitely want to chronicle not just my weight loss struggles and achievements, but also just how truly fortunate I am to be in the place that I am and have the people in my life that I have.

Be prepared for many more updates on weight loss, race training, and baby making!

I knew 2015 was going to be epic.

Here’s just a few shots from vacation, because what post would be complete with random photos?

Our first trip to Universal Studios!
Our first trip to Universal Studios!
My Kentucky Center Peeps!  Some of the BEST people I've ever met.  I feel truly honored to have traveled with them.
My Kentucky Center Peeps! Some of the BEST people I’ve ever met. I feel truly honored to have traveled with them.
I finally fulfilled my dream of running along the ocean.
I finally fulfilled my dream of running along the ocean.
Cliff and I at New Smyrna Beach where we got married.
Cliff and I at New Smyrna Beach where we got married.

Capitol City River Dash Race Report

***Disclaimer – This post is, likely, going to be extremely long and heavily laden with pictures.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.***

I did it!

Mud run, CCRD, weight loss

I’ve tried to start this blog post at least 20 times.  Every time I try I just can’t find the words.

Luckily one of my FitNation teammates summed it up better than I ever could:

Today I did my first “mud-race” and while I don’t think they will be a frequent of mine- I have to share my overwhelming thoughts. Today I witnessed so much care – share – be there – amongst my FitNation family, I saw very many tearful “I can’ts” become beaming “I DID’s”, so many fears crushed as walls were topped, everyone hanging, stopping, coming back and sitting as anchor boosts to make sure each slippery slope, rope and wall were cleared of our mighty pink/blue/black.  We are all on a different part of our journey to health, and all with varying intensity- but each of us contributes, teaches, and learns EVERY DAY from one another equally.  I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve been a part of, so thankful I found Beachbody and that it led me to FitNation. There will only ever be one reason I will race in mud again – and it will be to be a part of this overwhelming feeling of “We will not let you fall”

Libby said it all in her post.

Let’s rewind to the night before the race.

My grandparents stopped in for a quick visit on their way to visit relatives in Detroit and we also had a surprise 30th birthday party to attend.

Nerves were shot, needless to say.

It was not how I envisioned the night before the race to go, but it wound up being a terrific time!  The visit with my grandparents went really well and the birthday party was a blast.  We were still home by 9 and I was in bed by 10:30, so it wasn’t too terrible.  I thought for sure that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, but I barely remember my head hitting the pillow.

6AM came sooner than I expected, but I was buzzing with excitement which helped calm the beast that only comes out first thing in the morning.

My grandparents got up with us and hit the road.  I decided on a Shakeology shake for breakfast (chocolate shakeo, banana, peanut butter, cashew milk, and ice) and we set out for Frankfort.  I love our race outfits.  Some of the other girls wore tank tops, but I’m not that brave.

Mud Run, Weight Loss, Kentucky

Frankfort is only about an hour away and our wave didn’t start until 9, so we had plenty of time.  We got to the park around 8 and immediately saw FitNation peeps!

Mud Run, CCRD, weight loss

Mud run, weight loss, CCRD

About 15 of our members took off on the 9AM wave and for a few this was the SECOND time they had done the course.  Our captain, Gina, had already completed the course with the 8AM wave.  I’m so happy that Cliff came with me (not just because I had someone to take pictures!)

Mud run, CCRD, weight loss

The course was labeled as a 5K (it actually turned out to be four miles) with a total of 23 obstacles.  My goal was to just to complete the course, but I wanted to at least attempt each obstacle.

I’m happy to report that I attempted 22/23 obstacles (I only skipped the monkey bars at the very end of the course) and I completed 21/23 (I couldn’t get all the way up the net at the end of the same gauntlett that the monkey bars were on).

Ironically enough my biggest fear, “The wall”, was one of our very first stops.

Yes, I ugly cried when I threw my leg over the top.

No, that was not the only time I broke down on the course.

After the wall, we followed the trail into the woods and into a pretty deep creek.  The first mile was mainly navigating through huge mud holes, army crawling through a few spots, and scaling a few downed trees.  Around mile 2 we started to see the difficulty of the course increase.  We had to climb up a wet rock wall (with a knotted rope), run/slide down some pretty tall hills (and of course climb back up the other side, and it was also the hilliest part of the course between obstacles.  The level increased again during the third mile where we were led to a tall, steep slide into a giant mud hole (which sounds like fun until you have to figure out to get of it) that was then followed by a 20(ish) foot tall wall to climb.

Straight up, over, and then straight back down.

No rope.

Soaked and covered in mud.

It was like looking at the gates of hell.

After I got over that wall, everything else is a blur.

Had it not been for my group, there’s not a doubt in my mind that I would have failed.

I don’t know how many times Carrie had to grab my face and tell me to keep going.  Or how many times Gina and Angela pulled me up or pushed me over a wall.  Or Rodney standing at the end of the last slide and waiting until I was in the river safely.

Or how all four of them helped to stop my panic attack when I got stuck at THE VERY END OF THE COURSE.

Full on, hyperventilating, bawling eyes out, panic attack.  No joke.

I didn’t even know getting stuck or sinking was a phobia of mine.  Now I know!


Now that I’m 24 hours away and covered in bruises and cuts, would I do it all over again  Even with the complete physical and emotional breakdown that I had at the end?  Even with the inability to properly use my limbs today?



This race taught me so much about what I am truly capable of.  Two years ago, I would have never thought I would be crossing a finish line and having a medal put around my neck after running, crawling, and swimming through four miles of hell.


Who cares if I can’t use my legs today?

However, what I learned most from this experience is the awe-inspiring strength of teamwork.

The entire team was filled to the brim with amazing people.  All of us pushing and helping and cheering on the next person.  I have never, in my life, seen such a show of comradeship.  Everyone ran into a fear sooner or later and it warmed my heart to see the others in the group rally together to get them/us through it.


Every time I thought I was done, my team helped me find strength to push through.  When I looked at that last wall and thought, “There’s no way I have enough left in me to pull myself over that” there was my team boosting me up and pulling me over.

I feel honored to have shared such a momentous occasion with these great people.

So, teammates (those that are reading this), thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Mud run, CCRD, weight loss


Mud run, CCRD, weight loss